Lancea Sanctum

Back after quarantine

It’s been surreal being back at work after a month of forced staycation but even more surreal is the whole social distancing and other things still going on to continue flattening the curve. Because of this business hasn’t been the same, at least it wont for a while.


Rough day

Came to work and saw we were closed until my clock in due to broke hot water tank and I thought "sweet, slow evening" Wrong! Within two hours everything exploded and it was worse than multiple big tops (even though we had only one)! Glad I made it through. Now the weekend.

Lancea Sanctum

Sunday sucks!

Made a deal with a coworker that’s a son of another coworker for him to take my Sunday shift so he could double to make more money toward getting a new computer. He never messaged me back on Hotschedules that his mom didn’t want him to double and I was waiting all the time since Friday for the decision. I could’ve gone to Zumba Saturday. What a butt! I walked in on about 3 big tops and we had about 3 more in the evening shift. I made sure I was cut in time to make Alec do the 20 top ALL BY HIMSELF! LOL