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Happy thanksgiving to everyone!!

Oh btw, I've been meaning to tell what happened when I asked about my hours.

So anyway I forgot which days this was but it was earlier this week, more like Mon and Tues.... So I get off Mon and Amy ("Goebbels") was talking with I think Falan out front and I just waited to ask her because Chris didn't make it back by then and I thought that HE made the schedule but when I asked Amy, she said that she made it for this work week. So I asked what was up and was hoping she'd tell me in front of my mom so in case I get backed into a corner or tripped up on my words, I'd have some help.

So she said instead that to wait until the next day and talk to her and "Hitler" on the I was like afterward, "Oh great! Going to get me alone and then they will argue their way out and I'll trip all over myself again and have nobody to help me." So the next day I was excused and then reminded "Goebbels" about what I asked and they were all out there in a pre-meeting meeting (for the meeting last Saturday about menu changes and about the new rules about calling in sick and stuff) and they said...

The reason that they cut my hours is because they had to hire someone to help me out by staying on dishes while I concentrate more on bussing tables (I think they said in here also that we've also got a little bit busier??) and that in order to fit the new guy in, they'd have to make some cuts. They further explained that the new guy can stay longer and is a little more flexible time wise than I am and that I do have my school and test days to consider.

I was nice and stuff and even tried to explain that I understood them and my side too about having to tighten my belt now but they did say that whenever they need me to stay more or if they need me to fill in during the night that they can ask me.

So now I'm in a situation and this is the first time in a while that I'm going to make some use out of one of the perks of having paid account....

Feel free to discuss and elaborate....

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