Skrain Bodak (skrain_bodak) wrote,
Skrain Bodak

She was here, now she's gone...

If I were writing this sooner, the words would have conveyed a lot more sadness than they do now. Now it's just bittersweet.

I'll get used to it I guess...mela_angel being back in Arkansas.

Like she said in her LJ, we watched some movies and went to my work and ordered thin crust pepperoni (the only reason why that tasted good was that I was sharing it with her...otherwise I prefer something like supreme and usually deep dish).

I know hon, I know...even you said that I'm pudgy and don't need to gain anymore.

We went Christmas shopping and didn't find much but we did look around. I showed her everywhere that Alex and I hang out at...haha! I showed her like the Outlaw Star boxed set at FYE and totally forgot it was $89. and was like "eeeek!" even though I didn't plan on buying it, I was just showing her what it looked like because I told her of Alex and I watching it on Cartoon Network and how he wants me to get the series so we can both see it unedited...because of Melfina in the interface tank... haha.

I also showed her the re-released CDs of Keiko Matsui's first few releases and of course she always had to stop and look every time she saw an angel decoration. I was going to offer to buy one for her but she wouldn't hear of it. Come to think of it....I should have taken her to the mall restroom and then just ran fast and hard to one of those stores, buy an angel, and then run back to the restroom area.

"Hi honey...ummm...why are you looking at me like that? Did I do anything wrong honey?" LOL

Anyway on Friday night she showed me what she was making for me to give to me when she visited. one was like a Christmas present that I couldn't open, feels like a hardback book...the ones that I could see is a handmade afghan throw that she says is not perfect and that has some holes but I haven't noticed any imperfections...then the next morning I guess (Saturday) she gave me a picture fram and inside the frame is a fancy decorated paper with a poem she had written about us, for us, on it....

if you're curious

Now And Forever

How do I choose to put into words The way that I feel about you?
It isn't enough to just say love When so much more will do.

You are there for me day and night With your warm and caring heart.
You show how much you care for me By simply just doing your part.

Although you are so far away You still can wipe my tears.
And when I am alone and scared You manage to calm my fears.

As I need comfort from a friend You have that special way.
When words are so important You always know what to say.

Your love for me is so pure Like the dawn of a new day.
And as I search for a reason I hear the words you say.

You tell me that you love me, That I am your one and only.
You tell me that I'm pretty, And will no more be lonely.

Nothing will compare to you. You are worth more than gold.
Of all those I could choose You're who I wish to hold.

I love you now and forever. That will never go away.
I dream to be in your arms Until forever and a day.

Was that sweet??? Oh btw, she also gave me cookies she made from scratch!

Anyway after the mall I safely had her cross the very busy street that we travelled on to get to the mall so I could show her what the inside of a Barnes and Noble looked like because she doesn't remember if Texarkana (where the nearest place big enough to have a mall is) has one...she's not a big reader. Anyway I showed her some manga :P (Yeah I need to get a LIFE!) and then asked what she thought and that's when she reminded me that she's not a big reader so I then showed her the music section.

We looked at some Country Music though... :P No more Smooth Jazz.

Then when we left, she wanted a nap so I just thought that we'd quickly stop by Wizard's Asylum...I once had the idea to both show her where I have shopped at over the years to add to my comic collection and get my Battletech accessories from and also get the Battletech/MW 3rd ed Compendium but I changed my mind and not want to spend money, just show her.

So we went in and I showed her "MY" corner of the store and she was like "Errr, what is all this?" and I reminded her that they are all accessories to one of my favorite games and then I spotted that one book and I was like "OMG the sticker price" and showed her that it was as much as the base rules for "MW 3rd ed."

There was a whole crowd of people at the tables in the middle playing Magic: The Gathering and she asked about that and I led her down through the middle of them so she could see them playing...LOL.

Maybe next June I can mop the floor with her! ;-)

So we went back to my house, she took a nap while I caught up with my soaps and stuff and ate lunch. She told me she only eats supper. Then my brother-in-law called and asked what we were doing so I told him and they were interested in meeting Angel so I promised to call later and see what they were doing. When Angel woke up, she took a semi-nap in my arms trying to wake up, while watching that episode of Kenshin.

And yes, we saw FLCL but not all. I decided we didn't have time for it all so I showed her both the manga parts that I was cracking up over the phone about and then I rewound to the beginning and we just watched the first two episodes and then stopped and I'm going to keep the rest until June.

When my siter and her family met Angel, it went better than I expected but I guess part of it was that Alex and Kassidy were awake and it's totally not cool to be so crass in front of them. :P

Then mom came by and we all (not my sister and her family) went to Utica Square to look at all the pretty Christmas displays and then when I said that Angel didn't have supper yet (nor I...) we all decided to try going to Wendy's even though I was trying to get somplace a little fancier (though it was almost too late for that) but Angel wouldn't have it. It was just enough to be with me.

That was when I got the net up and set it up for her to update her journal.

The next morning we went to early service at church and I kept her from being totally overwhelmed and then we went back to her hotel room so she can check out and then back to my house to spend the last thrity minutes before she had to go...

We held each other a lot those last few minutes and I thought I'd be the strong one and stuff but actually she was the strong one and I was the weepy one. I was very sad that she was leaving and wanted her to stay but also I said that I knew she had to leave so I just said "Go...go quick! Please! Get back to your kids before I change my mind!"

I mean that kinda sounds selfish but I meant it to be kinda romantic too.

Anyway that is all.

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