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I went to see it it was pretty good. First foreign movie I've seen since Europa Europa, if you call subtitled movies foreign. At least it was a change from the last horror flick my sister rented to invite my mom and I over to watch. Yeah the last we saw was about this guy that was hypnotized and his friend used the miagery of a movie theater in jet black and the screen was lit up and she was using the image of the theater to make him suddenly he starts having visions of the ghost of this dead chick and his son is seeing her too. A lot of wierd stuff starts happening....

So then this guy really wants to be unhypnotized so he goes to his friend who uses the same imagery again but he was saying "I'm not alone" but even though she tells him there's no one, she's still's the ghost...and instead of the word "sleep" focusing on the screen, it's the word "dig" so this guy tears up the whole rental houseand finally discovers the body in the wall and touched it or something and got the whole story.... The very gory part of it was that (to me it's sick..!!) he had an hallucination earlier that he wiggled and yanked out his incisor and it fell in the anyway when he touched the cadaver (it had the same tooth missing too) the last day of her life replayed in his head of two sick guys luring her into the then vacant house and starting to be rough on her and then raped and assaulted her and in the process of getting her down they viciously slammed her face down on the floor with a sickening CRUNCH!! and then something happened with her looked like her fingers got bent back pretty bad. Then they accidentally asphyxiated her.... I won't tell how it ended but just that there's something about the house being rented (hint hint).

Seriously though I don't remember what the movie is called but I think it's "A Circle of Shadows" and when I described it to two people afterward they asked me "Wait a has Kevin Bacon in it doesn't it?" LOL

Oh well I'm off to read and then "To Sleep, Perchance to Dream..."

PS: Listening to "Planet Disco" on KHITS about 45 minutes ago they played "Play That Funky Music" by Wild Cherry and was saying that and fried okra were aphrodesiacs....hmmm...I'm in the mood for Chinese.....
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