Skrain Bodak (skrain_bodak) wrote,
Skrain Bodak

Part of an "Average Joe" convo on Ringo....

Yeah on one hand I think that that's what she really chose because most people are really shallow....

but on that point, the "one hand" is indeed connected to the other through the "arms" and "torso" sells and it would very much figure that you can't really have a show like that and have that premise without bringing all the sexy guys in the middle with the "six packs" and awsome bods and then have the producers MAKE the gal choose one of the hunks because "that's what is expected...SEX SEX SEX SEX" (throws up)

Sex and superficial "OMG what a hot looking bod" barfness....

I wouldn't want Malana (or however one spells her name) if she was the last ho on Earth though...I already have the most beautiful woman that ever lived or will live on this planet and even if she doesn't look like Malana (she did have three boys after all), she can whup her butt in a beauty contest!

*too bad they aren't vacationing in the Amazon, I'd love for Malana to accidentally fall out of the boat in the middle of pirhanna territory*
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