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browsing through LJ....

Been browsing through the interests and stuff...joined my first community although I don't see its connection to's called geeks.

Seems interesting.

Also bought my first blacklight bulb last night but only one b/c mum didn't see the point in buying two...I initially thought buy two for this antique lamp I always had since living in Pa. but she didn't think it would look that good. When she went to bed I tried it in the antique lamp and she was right...not effective and not that effective in my new desklamp either. I think that later I'm going to somehow buy a second one and put both in the overhead so I can turn the overhead light on and have the whole room in blacklight w/ the new desklamp spotlighting my desk to make stuff readable.

Now an explanation about the phrase "new desklamp".....a few years ago, I don't know how long before my Grandpa Caughey had his second stroke, I got this new desk and it came with one of these bending spotlight desklamp things that clamps onto the desk and you can swivel it around and bend it at the joints down or up and stuff. Well one time when my nephew was younger, We were in my room and he wanted to draw using my antique doctor's desk that my late father used to have and when I stepped out of the room, my nephew wanted to adjust the light which was already positioned to shine on the doctor's desk....I think I either came back or he came out and told me in his own way there was something I went in and discovered that he broke it off at the clamp and it couldn't be repaired!!! So ASAP my mom and I went to WalMart and looked at desklamps and didn't get one almost exactly like it but got a shorter one that had a more flexible arm...a circular base, no clamping.... and that's what I call my "new desklamp" b/c it's new in two ways. ;-) Actually the one on my desk now is the second replacement b/c another time long ago the very same nephew was in the room alone and he knocked off the first replacement on the floor and broke the electrical connection so I went and bought another one. After that, neither my niece or nephew was allowed in my room w/o me in it ever again.
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