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In the case that someone wouldn't have seen Survivor tonight...DO NOT WORRY I WON'T SPOIL SINCE I DID NOT CARE WHO THE MALF WON THE DAMNED WASTE OF TIME...

Yep yet again ALL my favorites didn't even make final two...I don't know why I watch that stupid show when it's the Same Old [Stuff] EVERY BLOODY TIME!! Different people, different location, slightly different rules each time to keep things "interesting" but the SOS!!

I even made the comment to myself tonight to the effect of "They change the rules and stuff every year a little not only to keep people guessing and to do something new every time, BUT they do it in such a way that they could keep their precious little status quo every malfing time!"

Case in point, their disgustingly precious little thing of ALWAYS HAVING the tribes merge "equally"...if it wasn't for that little change that they had, the ones voted off coming back and the two tribal councils thing, then they MIGHT HAVE AT LEAST merged 5-4 or 4-5 or whatever.

Why oh why didn't I see the crappy writing on the wall when I saw Rupert, then Tijuana then Christa being voted out??? Wasn't it too much to ask to see Darrah get to final two??? I would have just been happy!! To date and memory the ONLY favorite on Survivor that has ever won was that Tina chick on the Australian season which was the first female winner of Survivor aka "American Robinson."

Again isn't it too much to ask to have more of my favorite picks win more often on "Amazing Race" and "Survivor"?????? Soon after my new tradition, my favorite on "Big Brother" won and it also happened to be the first Asian woman winner....

That damned show has ONE MORE SEASON!!!! If the next season has ANY HINT of SOS, then I'll throw a slipper (and I'll have a tomato in the fridge for that occasion too) at the TV and quit watching that and any future season of that "TV version of Oklahoma" for good!! And yes, I just called "Survivor" a piece of $#!+!
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