Skrain Bodak (skrain_bodak) wrote,
Skrain Bodak

Happy new year

Have you ever had that feeling that you're kinda sad but not really as sad as you've been last year? Every past New Year I've been sad at the changes and stuff the previous year and especially at all the awful times. This time it's a hair's width more happy than sad. Unfortunately it's not been happy enough to stop me from doing my yearly ritual of drinking Father Time into fatal liver poisoning (wait, is that like...redundant or something? Is there any other type of liver poisoning?)

Yes life still sucks. It sucks sucks sucks sucks. Some of us at this moment have lives that are falling apart, or seem like they are falling apart, even if their lives are a little bit happier. Me...this past week I kinda felt like it is but now it's like I also hardly notice.

I want a reason to stop the ritual but so far I have no concrete reason. Whatever reason I do have is currently built on the sand near the shore. Unfortunately since circumstances do not permit me to drink any alcohol on New Year's Eve since I'm with a certain someone which I won't tell that a few hours I will do it.

In a few hours it would be time....

Time to drink that stupid old mean man dead.

Die Father Time DIE! It's time to be food for the worm at the bottom of the tequila glass, or in my preference, the sake bottle.
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