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Okay here's the thing about MLK Day

I don't exactly remember what year it was or the circumstances, but there was this one year recently that I was working Martin Luther King Day and I do remember saying then as well that I ought to have asked for that day off because we were slammed worse than this year and I just don't remember why I was ticked then that we were slammed, probably because it was THEN that I had enough hours and didn't have anything to worry about except having enough time to do homework and other stuff and not to keep my ride waiting...and I was griping more about the then fact of "If we get slammed then I'm staying late."

This year though was a little different, and that it would have been more different if I didn't have serious heartburn/reflux early on in the shift that brought this nasty stuff into my throat and mouth that felt like stomach acid. It gave me also what became a lingering headache that went away late last night but now is back again. I was also made there I was near the end (supposedly) of my shift and was wanting off to go eat but never told them and they wanted me to stay until the pile is clear and I was headachy and hungry and also needed to go and catch the bus at 4 even though I forgot it might not run (JBrain Fart Joe picked me up anyway) and so I actually did take until 3:45 to "finish" even though I don't think I did all the way....

So that's why I was of the opinion that I didn't state last night, which might tick a few people off, that I wish that Martin Luther King had died before he did what he did to become historically famous and important. If that happened then there wouldn't have been a MLK Day and no schools and banks and a few govt offices would be closed and everyone wouldn't have flooded my work at least.

My "official" nickname for that day that I made up in an email to Angel is..."Let's Go and Flood the Restaurants While the Banks and Government Offices Are Closed and Do It All For the Black Man Day."

Funny huh?
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