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feel free to say that I deserve this too....

I'm doing this (custom) friends only but I don't see mom apparently snoops into almost every (forgive the almost censored French) f***ing thing that doesn't concern her or private things that could concern her in a circular roundabout way.

The first part doesn't actually concern her and it bugs the crap out of me that she'd, for some odd reason, want to intentionally go into MY side of the XP machine and go snooping around MY email fro crap! I kinda knew I had my Juno program minimized this morning but now I definately know that I wasn't losing it as much as I am losing my mind now!!!

Okay now for the first thing: Mom had NOT (since almost the beginning) and still doesn't trust Angel. She still thinks Angel is "after [my] money" and still is having a big deal over some of what we did when she visited. Just the other month, Angel told me in a convo that my mom was too controlling, even though my mom denies it to my face, like she denies a lot of other shit (again pardon my French)...including this last major nasty verbal fight I had with her on the way home from sis's house where I suddenly spilled it that Angel thinks my mom is controlling and all that and that I do know she's controlling and that she doesn't give a f*** about Angel, which she denies by saying she had "no opinion one way or the other about Angel."

I kinda knew I was being led to nose around her inbox for a reason, I knew it because it was my instinct that she was looking through MY EMAIL. I know two wrongs don't make a right but I just had to know because this is very bad.

Oh hell I'd better just post this as it is now and then edit it on her side...I got to quote her email to my uncle... Oh btw, there's been "certain bporonkmarks".....that were so deep in the bookmark file (we usually use Netscape unless we really need to use IE) that I honestly forgot where there b/c supposedly I hid them good long ago and apparently didn't do a good job b/c I forgot about them but she found them easily and that's the other thing she was telling him about...I'll leave some of the sensitive stuff out of the quote....

Edit: Here it is edited for one person's protection...(no not mine!)
Randy, I need your help. It's about Al. I'm concerned that the woman from arkansas might be looking for money in some way or other. first of all the two times she came to visit they have unprotected sex. but that still doesn't protect you from getting a sexually transmitted disease, and I know she told Al that she's not rich. And then I find out that he has been cibering( internet sex) and I accidentally found some pics in the bookmarks. I need your help, please.
Would you know how I could get legal guardianship of Al? How much would it cost?
Please let me know that your home from your cruise, so we could figure this out.
Love, Jan

How can I confront her on this???? She invaded my privacy and I think she even LIED to me when she told me "I have no opinion one way or another about Angel." I know she's my mom but how can she invade my privacy about this? Despite my recent postings, and the occasional post where I whine about this or job, certain federal holidays where school and/or government offices are at least off work for the day and flood the restaurant, I am an adult.

She has never liked most if not all of my interests other than some movies (off the top of my head...movies like Braveheart, Private Ryan, K-19, Pearl Harbor, and on TV: the British sitcoms on PBS, Days of our Lives, Reba, and American Dreams)....she definately I think, doesn't like anime (with the only exception being Princess Mononoke which we've seen many moons ago), Battletech, and she even discouraged me from wearing this Starfleet tunic that I bought many conventions ago because (I think at the time I tried to wear it to the Trek Expo one year...) "It's too hot to wear that..." though there were people that dress up in similar costumes, and ones that go dressed as Klingons and Andoreans, etc...and Star Wars fans go too...recently I've seen Stormtroopers, Jedis and even a Boba Fett!

In fact, I actually don't think she definately hates anime, BT, etc... I KNOW she abhors and HATES them...

I've had legal guardianship explained to me a few years ago when I used to be secondary on my mom's card...a few of you know the story....but could any of you refresh my memory?? Does this mean that I can't spend one cent out of my checking account without "mommy's express permission"??? If so, then does this mean that my mom really wants what's best for me or does she want me to be turned into her clone? By the way SHE'S been acting, I think the latter.

I am starting to think she would rather me be single, not married not in any relationship at all...I even think she'd rather see me unhappy just because dad died just short of 24 years ago and she's been in a few crappy relationships herself, she's been miserable with men since and miserable by herself and she'd rather see me miserable since my sister married my brother in law after having my nephew out of wedlock. They both got heavy into church (which is surprising since my sister keeps teasing me about my now former relationship) and are now happy, or so I think they are, and my mom is jealous!

If she really goes through with this, then I don't know what to do because I will not be my mom's stinking clone! If legal guardianship is having total control over checking account then I know perfectly well what my mom will do even though she would deny it! She wouldn't agree to me subscribing to Shonen Jump, she wouldn't agree to me buying sci fi novels especially any Battletech novels that catch my eye, and she'd have just that much more power to NOT drop by Wizard's Asylum (my usual game shop) to buy Battletech materials or Magic the Gathering cards, or Voyager cards...and if by any chance she does give the OK for a Trek Expo, she'd at least tell me "just for the tickets" when she pulls up to Starbase 21 (another game shop) so I can get the tickets...and then what then? I go to the convention and I can't write out any checks to get pics to autograph and stuff?

just pray for me before I say anymore, least of all some words of disgust for this sneaky monster that's my mom (oops maybe too late).

Edit: don't have time to read all of this and I think it only gives the definitions but here's one site googled for your convienience (sp)
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