Skrain Bodak (skrain_bodak) wrote,
Skrain Bodak

from a convo in a Yahoogroup chatroom....

pennyaswell: ~this time you shit on the birds.

pennyaswell: 'nope, its ajoke I know

dragonmerc: wait...did you tell me the punchline first?

pennyaswell: nod :-(

dragonmerc: okay tell me the beginning?

pennyaswell: ok
dragonmerc: so what is it? :-)

pennyaswell: two statues of two lovers gazing at each other had been in a garden for 50 years when an angel gave them an hours worth of life as a reward. The angel said you have an hour to do what you want!

dragonmerc: and one of them said You shit on the birds?

pennyaswell: 'the two statues went behind the bushes andcame out again 10 mins later, all sweaty and out of breath

pennyaswell: the one sttaue sai that only took 10 mins, lets do it again, nd so they went behind the hedge again

dragonmerc: Statue sex...hehe

pennyaswell: 'this went on andon until the angel appeared and went behind the hedge to see what they were doing

dragonmerc: Statue-tory rape

dragonmerc: so what happened then?

pennyaswell: the one statue said "ok, this time you hold the birds down and *I'll* shit on them!!"
pennyaswell: LOL
dragonmerc: LOL
dragonmerc: Even w/ the punchline you had me thinking sex...
pennyaswell: grins
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