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Sorry for not writing that soon....

I suddenly became very busy. Suffice it to say there are quite a few ones that I'd love to set on fire but unfortunately the Federation legal system would prevent me...beings that if I set even one Terran ablaze I'd be incarcerated for assault at least.... bummer. Certain supervisors let's just say, deserve to be on fire for something and it isn't for Christ. ;-P Too bad I still am required by the Detapa Council to remain undercover in "the past." How I can do this and still be on Auster III just now being captured by 4 Jem'Haddar in the 24th Century is beyond me...LOL

IRL: I'm still being made to work past the scheduled clock off time that it says on paper. Frustrating!! I know I'm tempting fate even thinking of this protest but why fucking bother posting at least my hours on the schedule or bother printing out the schedule for everyone period if anyone and everyone is REQUIRED to stay on the clock past their time to get their job done if they are behind???? I mean I think that no matter what time the hard copy SAYS I'm supposed to clock off, THEY would ALWAYS try to and find excuses to keep me on for thirty minutes or an hour or two extra which IS NOT considerate or fair to my mom or anyone else that gives me a ride to wherever I need to go!! And yet this one supervisor has the NERVE to make the comment once in a while in various forms about "We have to be fair to the other co workers..." EXCUSE THE FUCK OUT OF ME?????? THEY aren't the ones permanently dependent on other people for transportation....THEY aren't the ones that has to wrap their schedules around the people that wrap their schedules around yours to get them places...if that makes sense....well let me explain that. Okay....I would have to schedule everything in my life around knowing what my family and friends are doing at specific times...when I know they can be available to help me get to where I need to be....they in turn essentially do the same to be available to me. For instance that's why I still have Gatesway take me to work so if my mom needs to go to an appt that she might need to schedule between 9-10.30 AM then she can do that. This also goes for when she does housecleaning on Wed and Fri. Gatesway can't pick me up after 2 PM so there's where mom picks me up and there are times like school and especially when I have a test where I certainly can't stay!! So I try to get her to help me put pressure on (IC) "...those Terran MORONS" at work. (IRL) She sends Joe (family friend) after me when she has to go to the other job....but she used to pick me up the first month or so after she got hired to that job but eventually the idiots started not caring whether she has to be at work at 3 PM or 4 PM or not and just still not say "Go home."

They make me keep Joe wating too!! In fact one of the times that one supervisor said that comment about "not being fair..." was when Joe came in to make sure they were told about his doctor's appt for his stones but they helped me enough to get me out the door when he showed up later.

Anyway back to my point.....even when Joe doesn't have anything pressing, I know that he probably has stuff to do at home that was being pushed back because the morons aren't giving the common courtesy to say "go home" when the clock time matches the time on the hard copy......

I PROMISE to write more later...but I have to go...something sounds interesting on TV....




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