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Okay this morning I had an idea in church that I took care of minutes before when I got back. There are two copies of UNTFS.dll on my Dell dimension computer. The error message I've been getting points to the one in C:\WINDOWS\System32 directory and the other one that comes up in the search window points to C:\I386.

So I tried the following: copy the one from C:\WINDOWS\System32 to a floppy (or in most cases these days, a CD-R/RW) and delete that copy from the HD...then copy the one from C:\I386 over leaving the copy in C:\WINDOWS\System32 while still having the original of the copy in C:\I386.

I didn't get to manually do the last part since once I deleted the one that I copied to external storage, the system somehow pulled a "last good copy" of UNTFS.dll from somewhere, probably from C:\I386 and put it where it's supposed to be...I then tried Norton Windows Disk Doc and it worked normally, went to command prompt window and CHKDSK worked properly. Had it fix errors, rebooted, and CHKDSK worked properly that way too...

BUT I still have problems, NAV Live Updater still doesn't work, Unerase Wizard still doesn't come up, fast and safe cleanup pops up a command prompt window with the curser bouncing all over the place...

...and now every time that this computer is put through a reboot, it pops up a message that now says the same thing that it did with UNTFS.dll only it's with nview.dll

So what's up? Do I reinstall Norton AntiVirus? Would we (actually my mom but I include myself too) have to resubscribe though our subscription expires this coming August? What do I do to get all the Norton Stuff back?
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