Skrain Bodak (skrain_bodak) wrote,
Skrain Bodak

talsvar atim, talsvar kardasshu! Glory to you, glory to Cardassia!
skahavpar, atov anakim talsvach. With patriotic love we bring you glory.
atim karil khajifley shaljirev'; We will serve you all our life;
ver' shidrasak atim shayjach. Our spirits belong to you.

nir canako valshtiv afs grikzayev'; Not for ourselves do we seek power;
nir can'ko reshgetiv afs joshevsa; Not for ourselves do we desire riches.
chirpey sazmash' kardasshu verdsetz'! We have only one wish:
That we will be devoted to Cardassia forever!
talsvar atim, talsvar kardasshu!
skahavpar, atov anakim talsvach.
atim karil khajifley shaljirev';
ver' shidrasak atim shayjach.
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