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Pros and cons

Since I haven't been enlightened to what my pros and cons are...*ahem*...I'll go ahead and list what they probably are.

Pros: caring, sweet, gentle, kind, smart

Cons: "wierd," easily upset, easily angered, role plays a lot, plays computer games a lot, total sci fi fan, gripes about too many trivial things like the many "conspiracy theories" I think I see on "reality" TV, too much of a reader, can't change jobs easy, can't find a good paying job easily, unable to even support myself without dropping out of college which I'm planning on finishing to get that good paying job that I probably won't get, no car, screwed up head, partially screwed up personality, screwed up ideas, screwed up heart, dwells on pity, dwells on mistakes

believes in love


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Apr. 10th, 2004 11:28 am (UTC)
lots of cons there don't u think? weird isn't a con btw XD

believing in love isn't either, otherwise we wouldn't have the saving power of Jesus!
Apr. 12th, 2004 07:27 pm (UTC)
Beauty...Seek & Ye Shall Find
Beauty, the things that man cannot see, is truly the beauty within himself. If one could only look into the mirror to see deeper than the outer appearance....you would find yourself seeing a very specail man that is cared very deeply about. Within everyone is something specail...it would seem that you have yet to see that. Albert, pain is something many of us come to know in so many ways and often times none of us truly let that go. Al....one day I hope you find that you truly are a rare and specail person, with a beautiful heart and a divine soul. As a friend once said to a friend of mine..."You are a flower." So are you too...never forget that. For you my friend hold the beauty of a rose, if only you would look deep enough to find it.
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