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slightly irritated....

Hey anyone left on here watch Smallville? I had to fix things to where the VCR didn't tape the first half b/c I didn't want to find any space on another tape for...let's see...2.5 hours of stuff while I'm in classes (plus I wouldn't want to bother staying up late to make sure I get Inuyasha at the second showing and the first showing comes on while mom's BBC programs are on). So anyway I had to keep it from taping the first half of Smallville so I would have enough tape for Inuyasha.

The bad thing about it is that I took my portable TV, intending to cut half an hour of Business Law class to watch it and after about 5 minutes or so the darned batteries die! :(

Anyone able to fill me in? Btw, what's up with Lex and his dad? they're talking all that psycho-mumbo-jumbo and then like, Lex is at a banquet table bawling like some wimp...what's up with that?


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Apr. 28th, 2004 11:38 pm (UTC)
I'm waiting for season two to come out on DVD. I'd rather cough up money than sit through all those annoying commercials. *grins*
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