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Guys I need HELLLLLP....

okay today I discovered that we had spyware/malware on our system...a whole mess. I first noticed because I was going to go to my profile to check my mail and saw two new icons on my mom's desktop that are like....casino game icons and I was like "did she download these?" so I clicked on one and it brought up a browser.... Then I ran Adaware and got like about 30-something things and it definately was spyware....in fact probably malware since one of them had malware for a description I thin.

So I quarantined and got rid of them...then I noticed that it probably wiped out our WMP b/c the icon changed to what it would be if a program isn't on the disk anymore...so after I made sure I got rid of everything by rebooting the system to a previous checkpoint, I just went online and downloaded the recent WMP to replace it and left the internet connected while I went to my nephew's b-day party while it downloaded.

(btw, it's not me because lately I've only been going mainly to 9-10 sites alone on average a day....LJ, uJ, Cybertown, Tickle, Netfriendships, Yahoo Groups, Yahoo Games, Slashdot, and Yahoo mail....I heavily suspect my mom even though she'd deny it and fixate on shifting the possible blame to me even though she invariable DOESN'T remember or keep track of where she goes on the internet...she's that stubborn, set in her wais and OLD and I do know she goes to all these irish sites and window shops and what not and AFAIK she still clicks on every single email to check out what it is instead of deleting what is clearly spam b/c she only gets stuff from church, a few family members, Netscape and AT&T...I know from our frequent drills of what to do when the Compaq was crashing....especially the part of her looking at every single blessed email b/c I watch her when we're at the campus library computer)

Anyway...I thought I had it all taken care of...

When I had rebooted, I went to my side and brought up the net to play on Core and I had AIM up by itself too....I was playing around and then BOOM...I get that one error message that looks like....like....what comes up when you get the Blaster Worm....the error message saying that "[such and such] failed..." (or something like that) "...and the system has to shut down in one minute please save and shut down your programs."

And the thing that was happening was that lsass.exe was failing.....

I'm googling it right now from mom's side and I guess it's exclusive on my side because I was able to type out this long winded post explaining my problem without the crappy thing coming up. I'm going to try and log myself into Windows Messenger on this side to see if I can trigger it again.


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May. 1st, 2004 06:36 pm (UTC)
sorry that happened to you. that happened to me too and i've never gotten this thing to work right sense, but most of it is gone. Note: IE browser is a killer >.
May. 1st, 2004 08:12 pm (UTC)
I'm planning on using Mozilla soon because of the popups.

IE really sucks when it comes to popups and security.
May. 1st, 2004 08:49 pm (UTC)
We use Netscape 7.....

No IE....well except for Yahoo Games and Cybertown and when I need to play with my pet on netfriendships...for some reason N7 crashes in Cybertown when I enter into a part of it that has a chat applet and then leave to go to another part like from the Plaza to my house or my house to another house...

my pet in Netfriendships...it only works in IE for some reason. I learned that the same time I learned about the pet thing in that site...my ex-gf was over and she told me about it and tried to bring hers up but couldn't so I was like "Maybe it's written more for IE" so I brought it up in IE....
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