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I had a "nightmare" shortly before I woke up. I dreamt that I was brushing my teeth and sometimes when I brush my teeth, my gums bleed in a certain spot.... I forgot what that is called when one bruses so frequently but still they bleed...

Well anyway in the dream I brush my teeth and then all of a sudden while I was rinsing with water, one of the bottom incisors came loose and comes OUT!!! and I spit it out with the water and when I felt and saw, I clamped my mouth shut in the dream and just screamed.

I know it's not as bad and painful as getting one just yanked out by whoever but then it's more vain than anything b/c there's the psychological pain of walking around with a gap in your smile and I'm glad I woke up to feel no tooth missing really b/c then I would be so much uglier than I am already.

Well....I thought everything was okay from last night because I had the idea to do "go back" to a restore checkpoint from "my side" of the system and it worked last night b/c I was able to stay on for an hour or so before getting off and hybernating the computer but just before finishing this post, Norton updated and alerted me that I have...

W32.Sasser.B :(
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