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I'm still here...

been kinda busy....this is the second evenig my sister and her kids have visited. Tonight it was a dusting project and coffee table clutter pitching night because we all arrainged on Easter weekend I think two evenings to stay in Eureka Springs and we need the house to look nice for the housesitter that we need to let the dogs and cats out to pee. I'm glad that we started cleaning the living room b/c I found the invoice for this semester's tuition and have been worried for a few days that it would be permanently misplaced. I needed it for records w/ the AMS statements just in case this next fall they pull the same sh** w/ me from last summer (which they told me that I was left owing about $80. and I think it might have been my fault too because the parking fee waiver never gets processed until after I have paid two AMS payments...and I must have had the Bursar tell AMS the balance of the tuition after the two payments AND the parking waiver). So this summer when I go in (and I'll make sure it's in late July or early August b/c I learned this semester that AMS is a month behind getting the payments to the campus) and do my enrollment, I'll bring the ORIGINAL invoice and all AMS statements and the invoice showing the parking waiver applied...and all of them WILL be ANNOTATED....

Here the saying applies..."Screw me once, shame on you; Screw me twice, shame on me."

On another note Sims House Party is going to be released soon. It's another expansion pack for The Sims. NOt sure if I'm going to get it or not considering the problems with the computer I had. Anyway yestearday and today was kinda testy. At work it was Energizer Bunny Day both days...the dirty tables keep coming and coming and coming and coming...right on top of each other. My friend Cheri is having a hard time...had a bad day yesterday and saying she hates her job but I'm trying to get her to smile and feel good.

Well I'd better go, have reading to do.

PS: now if only this community I'm in and email list I'm on stop flaming me every time I speak my mind I'll be happy. I voiced a **ahem** personal type gripe on a conversation of teens and sex and got flamed for what I said there, got flamed on my introduction post because of why I dislike Joe Lieberman, got flamed on another convo because I think the BSB were okay and Marylin Manson is evil and creepy (actually it started after this one lady said something about "what kind of idiot retard thinks that music influences behavior??" and that was a personal insult) Then there's one more left I think and that was two jokes I posted. One I didn't even make up myself....and both of them my co workers and RL friends thought was funny. But when I posted them on this MSN community, they all bombed me and said it was tasteless....I can't win for losing...


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Mar. 22nd, 2001 02:19 pm (UTC)
Let's be fair
I am not here to flame you, but when you say that you don't like Democrats and especially that Liberman person, and then the best reason that you can give is because he is against violence in games, etc....well, many Republican's (John McCain is a big one) are on the same boat. You make it sound as though violence is a Democratic issue, and it is not.

You have to realize that you are minority in the group (and it is a very mixed group too) and expect that many of your views will be debated. You have to be aware of this and when you post, be prepared for it. If you can't hack it, then don't post. We have all gotten flamed and we all bounce back. Just realize that when you are among lots of females, a joke that refers to rape will not be looked kindly upon, and when you are in a group full of parent's, jokes about school shooting's will be disliked too. You just really need to know your audience.
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