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A start to a hectic week....

Over the weekend, I actually tried to read a little more and this morning my mom put the second half of a pair of Christmas decorations in my bedroom window. She got them from my sister and me when we exchanged some presents at our grandparents. Anyway she had to step over the three magazine/book piles in my bedroom and now she's back in the mood again about me cleaning them up so hopefully I'll crack the whip on myself to read through a pile a week....I've got the first pile all organized on my new desk, the one that used to have its own desklamp that was clamped to the surface that my nephew broke by accident (now I have a different desk lamp with its own base).

Also over the weekend my sister's garage door, she lives in my grandparents' rental house that we used to live at long ago, broke. Actually it was the long pole thing that is the thing that helps it go up and down and holds it up...that's what I think I heard, could be wrong. It corroded or rusted off at the wall or something and the door almost crashed down on my niece!! The ppl she used to fix the garage door opener came out and told her that they can fix it but she really needs a new garage door because it's so old that parts are starting to break down, one time it would be one thing, another would be another thing.

So my mom wanted to talk with her about some stuff I guess so she called my sister at her work and they all came over to eat and afterward I talked with my nephew about our new Battletech campaign. It is actually a Battlespace campaign because I wanted to use the new box set and this new box set actually has generic cardboard pieces that could symbolize any craft from any faction in any year. So when I showed my nephew the new box set he wanted to play too and he wanted to play as a Clan Nova Cat unit.

Tonight when we talked about his next decision, he decided he wanted to fly a Batu Prime OmniFighter and that he wanted us to be part of the 6th Nova Cat Regulars of Omicron Galaxy.

Next time, or sometime soon, we finish our climb out of the sibko and earn our rank and place.
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