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got a new stereo system....

I still had a bit of tax refund and this old boombox I got for one Christmas several years ago that was my first one with a CD player was getting kinda old so I decided to replace it. I remember that I had just bought myself "Further Down the Spiral" by Nine Inch Nails and mom and I spent New Years Eve by her watching TV drinking wine or faux "champaign" (sp) (note: not really champaign unless it says it's made in France) and I was in my bedroom with the boombox up loud playing NIN!!! LOL

Anyway eventually that old thing started showing its age....the speakers started going after lasting for years, one wouldn't be as loud as the other and there wasn't any "balance" to them but I learned that if I bump the volume around a little that I'd get them to balance...and then the volume started doing only two extremes...really loud or really soft so when I needed to turn it down, I just hooked up some phones.

Then the CD player started once in a while skipping so I got a cleaner disk for it and it corrected it...but more recently...the mechanism just gave up the ghost so I just decided to look for a new system.

This new one is a monster... 5 disk tray, digital tuning, I think it said 32 AM/FM presets, programmable CD memory and if I read correct....I could program it to play a song from one CD and skip to another CD and play another song off that....and it has an equalizer... I also turned it all the way up and it is loud enough to bring the roof down.


If anyone dares wish me a happy birthday...those that do would spend the rest of their existance, starting tomorrow, surviving on the Pentagon Worlds and the Kerensky Cluster. My drop kick is a very powerful force.
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