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awwwwwwww my favorite student now....from Malaysia...

(knew her for quite a while)

dragonmerc: want Go?
crystalcherish: no go go
dragonmerc: LOL
crystalcherish: i jst played it
dragonmerc: awwwwwwww
dragonmerc: I can be tbe Shaquille O'Neill of Go someday.
dragonmerc: or maybe a Michael Jordan.
crystalcherish: LOL
crystalcherish: yea
crystalcherish: i won the game jst now
dragonmerc: cool!!!
dragonmerc: was it a challenging game or did the person let you win?
crystalcherish: i think he/she 's new too
dragonmerc: cool
dragonmerc: so you two were equal!
crystalcherish: yeah
dragonmerc: was it hard for you to win?
crystalcherish: we were equally bad
crystalcherish: *laughter*
dragonmerc: LOL be more confident in yourself.
crystalcherish: i had a gd teacher
dragonmerc: who is that teacher?
crystalcherish: u of cos
dragonmerc: *blushing several times*
dragonmerc: awwwww
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