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Here I go....

I'm starting the applications process....remember guys the other day when I said I gave up?

*sing song* I'm serious...... (I'm starting with applying to be at Blockbuster)

won't my bosses be surprised.....they dare to jack me around, especially Rhonda....and they are in for a rude awakening. I JACK BACK!

Either way, I will win...I don't care how bad business is or how bad economy is...all I care is for my own survival...not for the survival of the company, not for "what's fair" for coworkers...I care for my survival and my survival alone. I work for MY PAY to buy MY FOOD to put on the table WHERE I LIVE...and I don't think I should be considering 'what is fair" for other employees or about how "bad it is" economy wise or business wise.

If my hours cut really is because they claim that I've become "too slow" because I have help in the dish pit, and that they prove that they can get the same amount of tables bussed during the same level of activity faster than I can, I have news for them....I'm ME and they are THEM.....DIFFERENT PEOPLE...DIFFERENT SPEEDS...

and I know some of you are sick to the gills about me mentioning this but hell people....

Those crappy morons always also fail or choose to fail to realise that I'm the only disabled worker working there...probably the only disabled worker working for that whole crappy chain! They dare to think I ought to speed up b/c THEY can do it faster and more efficient than I can and dare to now think they have the right to cut my hours this drastically b/c I can't give 1000% 48/14/728 (Christmas and Thanksgiving subtracted out) and think that the "normals" have more right to have enough hours to survive upon and I don't.....then they are sorely mistaken.

I swear on the virtual steps of the Nova Roman Senate...I swear on the plot of land in Texas that Nova Roma has purchased for our global capital and modern day Forum Romanum that I will NOT put up with this any more. Either way I will get back a steady, survivable schedule and/or paycheck.

And I WILL NOT pull any money out of checking without replacing what I take out. I'm saving up for two classes...and I'll also be....[darned] if I use any of my tax refund to bolster grocery money....I'd even *ahem* "break a promise" than do that! *flicks right wrist up showing scars*
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