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LOL The only vote that I remember what I picked went my way....

There was a vote for one public office and several lexes recently on the Nova Roma site.... here's the result of one that I remember which way I leaned. I remember voting Lucius Suetonius Nerva.

Message: 14
Date: Wed, 2 Jun 2004 14:32:49 -0300 (ART)
From: Lucius Arminius Faustus <>
Subject: Results of the Plebiscitum

L. Arminius Faustus, Tribunus Plebis, ex officio,

Citizens of Nova Roma, for me is a pleasure announce we have a new Plebeian Aedile.

L. Suetonius Nerva was elected to fill the vacancy of the Plebeian Aedilship, and will join excellent E. Curia Finnica on this so ancient and traditional magistrature.

I urge to Plebeian Aedile L. Suetonius Nerva take the oath as soon as possible and start its magistrature, by the blessings of Ceres our patroness.

Bellow you can see the results sent me of excellent rogator A. Apolonius Cordus.

Here are the results in the comitia plebis:

Before tie-resolution:

ASM 7 tribes
LSN 14 tribes
AMA 1 tribe

After tie-resolution:

ASM 7 tribes
LSN 18 tribes
AMA 1 tribe

Suetonius Nerva wins.
(Agrippina Modia Aurelia was a write-in)."

May L. Suetonius Nerva help our citizens to more and more bring Nova Roma closer to its objectives.

L. Arminius Faustus, Tribunus Plebis
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