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oooooh Hawking was wrong... (from Slashdot)

Science: Hawking Gracefully, Formally Loses Black Hole Bet

Posted by timothy on Wednesday July 21, @07:38PM

from the fails-to-give-wheelchair-ride dept.
Liora writes "Today at the 17th International Conference on General Relativity and Gravitation in Dublin, Cambridge University professor Stephen Hawking said in his talk titled The Information Paradox for Black Holes that he was wrong about the formation of an event horizon in a black hole, and that matter is not destroyed in a way defying subatomic theory, as he had previously believed. According to the talk's short, "the way the information gets out seems to be that a true event horizon never forms, just an apparent horizon." A New York Times story and a Wired story are available, both apparently based on Reuters information." (This is the formal announcement promised last week.)