Skrain Bodak (skrain_bodak) wrote,
Skrain Bodak

possibly cross posted to the I think that... community.

I think that if I watch the nephew and niece for a few minutes and then when mom and sis come back and sis leaves with the kids and I turn off the VCR and flip it to AP or whatever channel we usually have it on and WALK OUT OF THE ROOM...

that NO...I am NOT watching or listening to it! I just happen to flip it on a channel that it's usually on most of the time b/c I'm THROUGH WITH THE $#$$%$%$ TV!!!

If I left the darn thing on Channel 3 and walked out she'd probably ask me if I was watching/listening to the darned baseball game!

darned if I did....darned if I didn't...either way.

I also think that it should be a given that if the TV is on something that is known that I usually always watch then YES I am watching/listening to it (b/c I do have just as much right to be back here listening to my programs like she is to hers) but if I do the above...flipping to a default channel and leaving....then I'm NOT.
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