Skrain Bodak (skrain_bodak) wrote,
Skrain Bodak

catching up

Had to watch Alex and Kass tonight so we caught up on all the Inuyasha on one tape except for one episode. With the older ones on Mon-Thurs, it is now like the old days of when I taped some of the original Adult Swim for them like Cowboy Bebop and Pilot Candidate and the Gundams.... It got to where sometimes when I try to cram a whole bunch of episodes in one time (or at least enough to get space to tape the soaps or something) that before we'd "clear" enough tape, Alex would say or indicate that he is bored and wants to go off to do something else and I did find that irritating.

I also remember an equally frustrating time when my sister's VCR broke and the only time that we could do any watching was if it was at my houseand I'd internally stew if I had to babysit over at my sister's house. Even though they had money problems there were times where I swore they were delaying getting a new VCR on purpose. It was because of this problem that I'd had to do some space gymnastics since Kenshin was on weekdays during that time and we were watching that....and since they hardly came over at all then and I'd do most baby sitting "over there"...that when the tape got to where I couldn't tape around anything anymore, I went out and got a new blank tape so I have a bunch of "dummy" tapes now. It was frustrating especially on the days I had to take the bus home and had to wait until 4 and then because of the flimsy system it was another hour before I got to the stop closest to home and then 15 minutes at least until I got home...and I started watching YYH then too.

Anyway I'm going to wait until later this week to have them watch that one that they didn't "clear" and tomorrow I'm going to take the tape that I got last night's Seed and DBGT and Inuyasha to work in case my sister decides to pick me up from work and goes straight to her house to babysit.that and another tape that has the same things from a different week because I have a few of them on different tapes and of course we're watching them out of sequence....
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