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*in shock*

I was going to post while I was on here (in more than just this passing "lead in" comment) about how when I was watching "Days of Our Lives" today how I said aloud to myself near the end of it, jokingly of course, that I've been chatting with wesangel too many times b/c what was happening at that time on that show was just about starting to get "blech" for me.....

but then tonight....

and I know some of you that should know, do know, and some of you that are reading this know of it already since I was chatting with you at the time...but....

The Christian message board that I frequent alot might be closing. The person that ran it for years can't keep it anymore or run it b/c of time constraints, mainly.

The best that could happen is that someone does make an offer/arrangement to take charge of it but it still wouldn't completely be the same without Keely. I've been a member of that community since before it got its own domain and back when the newsletter was the only thing that had the name on it as well as the yahoogroup used to announce the new newsletters....and back when the messageboard section used to have a different name....

I didn't know that also the board's manga magazine hadn't gone too well.....if I had only......told a bunch of my friends about it.....

I just can't believe it.....
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