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Well there goes my plan....

My "great idea" to figure out which Tulsa bus route intersects the BA route and figuring out if it gets close to Promenade or any route going out to Promenade is quashed as well as any hope of mom being off on Thursday nights.

I asked of her schedule and once she told me she's going in on Thursday again I brought up my plan and she was like....crap I forgot how she said it but she was like "That's too much trouble!" and then went on to say that if she could afford to not do Thursdays in addition to having Tuesday off for getting me to class and Wednesday and Friday off for the house cleaning days, then she could take me herself.....

but as it is, even if I did take the bus and spend extra money switching bus systems and bus routes to get out to Promenade by myself on Thursdays, that can't happen because mom even said that after a 5-8 hour shift, that she'd not want to bother going that far into Tulsa to pick me up and go back home.....

And what's more...I don't know what the heck problems my sister has been having lately the past month or so that she hasn't been taking me but I'm sure they are financial because she did promise that she'd take me at least once a month (because of the gas prices for one thing) but now....

Now there's my b**ch of a grandma to add to things too because when my sister was having the adventure of getting a new water heater...or was it getting the existing one fixed?....our grandma was talking to her and out of the blue she became into "snotty mind game mode" again like she's been during all of our mother's life...which is why her and grandpa make such a perfect pair....the verbally and physically abusive dad to our mother and she's like the emotional abusive mind game mother to our mom....

Anyway grandma was getting snotty and said (after months and years of being easy on her and her husband because of....well....those of you that I've already told know why....) that she was upping the rent by $100 and that on top of the expenses they already still have! (edit: Yeah I forgot to add that my sis did sorta protest and reminded her about what they still owe the lawyer and stuffand how hard things were because of what happened a few years ago and my "lovely" grandma said, "Well that's just Eddie's problem, not mine, now is it?")

Grrrrrr if it wasn't because of that b**ch that was FORMERLY my grandma I would have the easiest way to and from Go club, Yes, I can still play online....but how long HOW LONG......before I can go back and play Jim and Chester to help me get better myself???? Instead of logging on, playing someone, getting my @$$ kicked, and they leave...."NEXT!!".....playing someone, getting my @$$ kicked, they leave...."NEXT!!!"????????

edit: Those of you that advise me that I ought to try and do things more on my own and not have family help or whatever and move out and stuff.....ought to give me at least some credit for even trying. You all ought to be irritated though at my mom's comment when we got out of the car...she told me I ought to start thinking about other people!

Hello!!! I mean I've been trying as much as I can to do that for quite a few years's like the other week trying to get mom's birthday present. Of course I forgot what she suggested but then I had two reasons, that damned Rhema Bible College campmeeting one week and then half a month later or the next week, there were the high school and other kids getting their school everyone and their cousins eating lunch at my work which distracted me...

Then there was when we were scrambling to get a present from me, we went to B Dalton that was closing in Woodland, couldn't find "Angela's Ashes" by Frank McCourt...then we tried Penny's for new houseshoes and I was gonna get a pair but then my sister was like "It's $20....!" and in my mind I was like "You're griping about $20 houseshoes and I have spent years being bitched and moaned at for trying to have a $10 spending limit for presents across the board....damned if I did and damned if I didn't" even though her point was that she'd rather have me spend more than $10 on more than one thing rather than more than $10 on only one.

Yeah and how many friends do I have and would have in the future that would want to take me to Promenade? I mean I wouldn't know which ones have compatible schedules, for all I know, they all have incompatible schedules, ie: too busy. Falan lives in Tulsa, and even if Suzanne was able to hang out with me while still together with her new bf, she lives in Tulsa too....why would they spend gas to come pick me up in BA and go back into Tulsa to Promenade and then take me back out to BA and then go home? Same thing for Tommy. *sigh*

If Greg Wilson weren't so hardcore active in our church as well as whatever else he spends his weeks....I would hit him up for it. Just like what I told sleepybluekitty what I'd do as well. (pssssst...Wizard's Asylum shopping binge!!!)
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