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Still disgraced....

((Shit this is the second time I'm writing this....I can't believe I typoed and wiped out the whole diatribe....))

I can't believe this happened...I finally got a chance to play M: TG w/ Alex after weeks of waiting b/c my sister started this BS about weekly levels. I don't know the point limit between "Level 2" and "Level 1" but I recently learned that to get up to "Level 3" (where he can play Magic and play on the computer and the Game Boy, etc) he needs 105 points and every good report he brings home, the more points he gets and I'm not sure if he gets 0 or negative points for bad reports. My sister started this thing shortly after the last time we played which was the second time he CHEATED (he did it after I tried to help him get more land out so he can do more stuff...I asked if he had a Sorcery card to let him look through his deck for a land and then shuffle the deck and a few minutes later after he TOOK MY SUGGESTION he then said "I didn't want to do that." so I put the land back and I was so slow and stupid and didn't know how to explain that you can't "unshuffle" a shuffle, he took advantage of that and put a whole bunch of Giannt Growth spells on top from the middle and that's how he won b/c he had enough mana the next few turns to cast them on this one creature).

Anyway This insulted me very much that he won twice cheating like this and that I was too slow to think of anything about it. Being reminded that I'm slow on top of my other problems in this manner is insulting enough. So b/c of this I lost face and couldn't wait until the time he got to "level 3" so I can regain my lost face and not be a "gwaijin" in every sense of the word (non-Japanese/foreigner, Caucasian, and the derogatory slang definition "ghost"). After waiting so long however I did something that could be argued as equally dishonorable and that is thinking during all that waiting "Screw shuffling the decks, I'm going to FIX THEM GOOD." (( I was very desperate to regain my face w/ a victory -- a merciless victory -- despite the fact that cheating by a six year old is just as dishonorable as cheating by a 27 year old ))

I forgot how I fixed it for last night but I do remember that I was and still am trying to think of what Alex would do and what he would use and to see what would frustrate him. I'd fix mine to have some power up front w/ the land cards to pay the costs. Then on his deck I'd have just a little land with a few weak cheapies so I can let him get his out fast and pick at me lightly . Then I'd have enough land out to tap and get a bunch of hard creatures out and I knew/know he'd block so my creatures would destroy his and then get him down low the next turn. The problem on Saturday night was that my sister wanted to surprise him and possibly my niece too with a movie so I had to go with her in the middle. I didn't know while she was talking to me if Alex pulled a sneaky on me or not or if he did it while I was gone but while I was gone, I put on "The Sims" for him and apparently his sister wanted his attention and he didn't want to play w/ her so she slammed the card table saying "Well, I'm not your friend" and messed up my library and then she made it worse by taking half of my cards out of the protector sleeves so when I got back I was VERY UPSET. I tried putting them all back in modified order but still I lost b/c I could have sworn it was my turn when I left and I had TWO LIFE...and Alex INSISTED IT WAS HIS TURN...

So tonight I tried to fix it differently where I put out "Wrath of God" first while waiting to have enough land out to put out "Crovax the Cursed" (which I traded out from another deck...he comes out w/ 4 +1/+1 counters with an upkeep cost of "sacrifice one creature for one +1/+1 counter or take one counter off"). I didn't have any creatures out yet so that was good for me and bad for him. I even cast Twiddle later to untap a Bull Hippo he had out which was unblockable since I was STUPID enough to have an Island in play but he was playing this "Don't do that you'll upset me" bullshit. Each time I told him "Hey, I can do that..."

So anyway long and short of it, tonight it was either that he was using the card order I engineered in a way different than what I thought he would, or I didn't think of all the possibilities. At the end he had two Moon Sprites which had flying and both 1/1....a Silverback Ape (5/5) that he put out in the middle, and the Bull Hippo. I was forced to use the Thrull Token I keep putting out as a blocker instead of as a sacrifice for Crovax. So That's like FOUR candy bars that I have WASTED because I'm trying to teach him how to LOSE....and how can I teach him how to lose if for one way or another he always ends up WINNING???????? The other night my sister said when I was upset about this, "What's the big deal? He lost to me a few times..." I wish I would have thought to tell her "Yeah, well how come he still tries to get me to BEND THE RULES when he plays w/ me???" We played Checkers on Saturday night and I won that one quite easy but he was like "Why can't we just bend the rules a little bit? Why do you have to be so hard on me??"

I doubt that I'd be able to play M: TG w/ him tomorrow when my sister goes to this PALS meeting....Alex is in PALS because the school ppl got this shrink to see why he's acting up in class and we learned he has ADHD...anyway I don't fully understand the point system mentioned before but I think that he starts over every Monday. I don't even know when his Spring Break's probably this week. If so then on the one hand he might not have to start over for one whole week but on the other hand even if he doesn't have to start over for a week, my sister might not have a PALS meeting anyway.

Regardless of this, I have a real nice surprise for Alex.... if he doesn't try to pull the bullshit he did tonight. I forgot to mention this but we also play for regular ante as well as the candybar "ante" I give him whether he wins or loses. Instead of turning over the top card for Ante, we draw our seven cards first and then turn over the eighth and my eighth was a Craw Wurm and I think it is 6/4 and Alex wanted to play w/ the deck I played last night as well as wanting the playmat I was going to use but I told him "No way, we play w/ the same decks we play last night" but when he was out of the room I tried to pull a fast one by just changing the mats and saying that I did switch the decks but he ended up noticing and that kinda messed me up.

The next time he'd probably try to say **imitates whiny pout** "I want your deck so I can have Crovax" or something like that since he's seen how I used Crovax.

All else being equal here's how I stacked the two decks for the next time....

Mine: 2 Mountains, 2 Swamps, 2 Islands, Crovax the Cursed, (Fireball as an Ante), Aether Storm (I'll use after I put out at least Crovax b/c it keeps creature cards from being put into play unless someone pays 4 life points...AND IT WON'T BE ME...), Wall of Fire, Breeding Pit, 2 Plains, Boomerang, Plains, and Twiddle [Plan: let Alex go through what I think he'll do and knock me down to about 14 out of 20 life while putting out the first six lands, then either wait a few more turns and take a little more punishment to get Crovax and Wall of fire out at the same time or get them out one at a time. Then cast Breeding Pit, then cast Aether Storm...possibly alternative would be to wait two turns for Breeding Pit so I could kill off Alex's Sprites by making Crovax fly and then put out the Pit.]

Alex: (I put scant lands in front w/ "cheapy weakie" spells and creatures and a few "pricey strongies") Forest, Swamp, Mountain, Volcanic Hammer, Sulfurous Springs (a black/red land that gives either 1 colorless mana or for the cost of 1 life point either 1 black mana or 1 red mana), Abbey Gargoyle (costing 2 colorless plus 3 white mana and is 3/4, flying, and protection from red), Moon Sprite (flying), (Keldon Warlord as Ante), Ornithopter, Silverback Ape, Spiketail Drake, Jade Monolith, Chorus of Woe, Swamp, Mountain, Island, Plains, and Moon Sprite...

{what I think he'll do: We go against the rules that say that there's no drawing on the first turn so he'll draw the Ornithopter, put it in play, put either the forest or mountain in play and then after my turn, he'll draw and put out the other of the two lands and zap me w/ Volcanic Hammer (I go down to 17), then after my turn he draws and puts out the Swamp and then taps forest and mountain again for a Moon Sprite...can't do anything w/ it yet so it's my turn after which he'll cast the Chorus of Woe on the Ornithopter making it 1/2 for only that turn and he attacks w/ that and the Sprite and knocks me down to 15 life and this would be the turn he puts out Sulfurous Springs...the next few turns since he doesn't see any threat yet from me, he wouldn't think about Jade Monolith after I tell him what it does b/c he'd rather spend the mana getting something that would hurt me so he'd do another Moon Sprite....

WAIT...I'd be 15 at turn 5.....because he can't draw Chorus of Woe until turn 5....So that's how I'd fix him to where he'd only have the Ornithopter and the Moon Sprite out, and then I come out w/ Wall of Fire, Crovax, and Breeding Pit and then cast Aether Storm and then have my creatures out and those weakies would be the only ones he could have out....then knowing him, he'd much rather not give up 4 life points just to get rid of it but even if he does give them up, I'll just allow Crovax to drop to a +2/+2 creature so I'd be able to pay the mana cost for him to fly...and then regardless of whether he takes my "suggestion" to gang block or not, I'll take out both of his creatures and then put in Breeding Pit to keep beefing him upand then when I get him down to around 7 or 6 points, I'll pay the 4 life to bury Aether Storm and then he'd have enough to JUST THINK that he could trash me....

sorry this is so long...

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