Skrain Bodak (skrain_bodak) wrote,
Skrain Bodak


My Christmas went okay I got a "Pearl Harbor" DVD, going to get the player later. the Darwin Awards book, a jelly belly kaleidoscope, a tape of the seasonal specials of the "Vicar of Dibley" which is a British sitcom and a few other things.

As for the Ravek thing I promised to write about, OOC-ly half the people on the Yarcora list got bogged down by real life and wrote less and less until they posted that they can't stay w/ the group anymore so they left and sine the other guy left didn't help write something to get us back to Rylok Nor, I had to do it all.

IC-ly, Yelbrin Remmin and I were captured by Jem'Haddar troops looking for the Cardassians of their base that mutinied and went native and met part of the Cardassian Liberation Front. I don't have any opinion one way or another to all of this, I don't like the Dominion myself but I'll go with anything to use to make the Cardassian Union supreme in the Alpha Quadrant again like we were used to and meant to be. We tricked those cloned freaks into escorting us and letting us help to find these mutineers since they knew about the others of the crew and we were to help track them. We gave them the slip and killed them and then by luck was able to get into the rebel base and free Yelbrin Rimat and had emergency beamout.

Glinn Huxte was then called away on a secret mission with Yelbrin Rimat and the Yarcora was needed for that mission. Mek and I were seen as unnecessary so we had to be transferred somewhere else. The Ravek is a larger ship...Galor class I think. It has returned from a "trip" from some unknown place (OOC: the mirror universe) with some holes in the crew. I think the crew would be interesting to interact with...heheheheh.
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