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From bad to worse....

I had a feeling that this would happen eventually....even after it would be pointless to worry about....but it did happen and why did it happen at this time?

Anyway it's kinda moot since a few months ago I lost all my archived mail...all of it! was because I discovered that for some reason I didn't have my address book and I went to one of my recent backup files to restore it....and the backup/restore wizard gives the option to do selective restores but I didn't do selective, I chose to do a complete restore.

The bad news is that several months in RIGHT BEFORE my relationship with my ex, NAV detected a "suspicious script" in the juno.exe file and I didn't think anything of it, I just backed up the email using the backup wizard and put the .jbk file on this CD-RW that I have....In retrospect, since I also formatted that same disk to be more like a spacious floppy (just drag the file over to the drive and plop it in) I should have also dragged the whole directory over also and backed up that way as well.

Anyway I did a full restore a few months ago and when I rebooted the program to complete the restore, it got through the inbox, through the saved sent messages....through 1 or 2 other folders and about halfway through this one folder made for some of the Yahoogroups started in the wake of the closing of .... and RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE of Nov, 2001....the whole recovery ERRORED so since I am still keeping the most recent JBK file, I hope that someday I'd find someone to hack around the error and recover everything else....

Anyway tonight I got the following....

Dear Juno Member,

We are making some IMPORTANT CHANGES TO OUR EMAIL SERVICE for free members.
As of December 1, 2004, Juno Free members will be required to use Juno Email
on the Web to access their Juno email.

THIS CHANGE WILL AFFECT YOU if you are a Juno Free member and you currently
download your email to your computer using Juno, Outlook Express or other
"offline" email software. These changes to Juno email will not affect
Juno SpeedBand, Platinum, or MegaMail members or Juno Free members who
already exclusively use Juno Email on the Web to access Juno email.

computer, you will need to upgrade to one of our premium services. Prices
start as low as $9.95 per year. Plus, for a limited time, you can get our
LOWEST PRICES EVER on all services - with Juno SpeedBand as low as $9.95
a month and Platinum as low as $6.95 a month! To upgrade your service,
visit or call toll free 1-888-839-5866.

I kinda knew in my gut ever since reading several years ago about email not being free anymore that Juno would eventually tighten the screws this tight. I went to the links and thankfully there was a way to pay without credit cards...but still the thing is that I HAVE TO PAY NOW.... Either that or just give up starting archiving again.

And even then if I did give that up and just stayed with the "webmail only" option after this December, how long would it have been before Juno and United Online started to tighten the noose even more and say "No more free AT ALL you have to pay to use any part of our services"??

This is definately the end of free....any of you out there that does have free email and especially depend on it....BE WARNED!!!! The day is coming when either you would pay if you want to keep things the way they were for years or if you choose to make a sacrifice, that such a sacrifice would only buy you Lord knows how much longer time before you again would have to choose to pay or have NOTHING.
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