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Well I'm back...went to Branson...catching up here...

There's a post in the "Days of our Lives" community on how they are aging yet another of the younger generation(s) cast....I think the rapid aging thing is pretty stupid but I can see why they writers feel they NEED to do it....anyway they are aging Abby, Jack and Jen's daughter...from 11-12 to 16 and people in the comm are talking about potential matchups on the show now.

Here's a sub thread..... (note there's a referrence to a current storyline in this other soap, Passions, where this one couple just found out with everyone else that they are.....half siblings *horror*!!)

abby and shawn are cousins though, so they couldnt be together. this isnt passions!

oh yeah. DUH!!
But wait... aren't they second cousins? Second cousins is okay. Weird, but okay.

hahaha ewww!
in some states, its legal to marry your 3rd cousin. *shudders*

LOL... in some states its legal to marry your FIRST cousin!! Not kidding. I saw a thing about it on 20/20 or Dateline or something like that.

thats disgusting!!


LOL yeah.....but look at it this least you're marrying your brother or sister, you know? ;-) *expecting more of the same on "Passions"....."Oh no! I was 'intimate' with my half-brother and I'm pregnant with his baby!!"* (anyone want to put money on if the baby would be born with four arms or two heads or what??)
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