Skrain Bodak (skrain_bodak) wrote,
Skrain Bodak

phase one......

to those that update and/or read regularly........

raise your hands if you want to stay.

note that some of you that might raise their hands are those that will stay automatically and that quite possibly those that don't will be some of the same. misfortunedfool and star_tigress know generally what ones I speak of.

It almost pains me to do this but it is necessary for my own survival and new path I am taking, which is not quite new, but an old one, one that I had off and on for most of my life, but mostly in middle school and high school.

Isolation....sequestering.....cocooning...and this is the first step of a hard process of pruning down and fading back so there would possibly be at least not as much pain if not no more pain.

phase one.....of the friends cut....starts now.
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