Skrain Bodak (skrain_bodak) wrote,
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Yesterday I had terrible news confirmed to me through the mail....

Manga is NOT SAFE anymore from the Dub Rapists!!!

Those on my list know all too well about how when anime makes it over to America how usually when an anime makes it on TV, it usually becomes a Saturday morning or kids' afternoon block show and as a result becomes heavily edited and even some names changed. Even those that are shown late at night on CN are edited somewhat....

The most blatant examples are Shaman King and One Piece. In SK, Manta is Morty, Ren is Len(ny) and Ryo is Rio and Faust VIII isn't a necromancer he's a "boneyard sorcerer" and instead of showing the "oh so horrid vision" of Manta being splayed on a slab and disected alive by a skeleton, it showed a skeleton reaching in with a large glowing ball of energy over the chest.

One Piece, the stuff I caught was that they changed Zoro's name to Zolo and in the part when he's introduced, he's prisoner of this corrupt navy guy and this sweet kid (in the manga version) brings him rice ball cakes but in the dub he is brought cookies. There's also a character that is a smoker and they're rumored to have changed this guy to be sucking lolipops instead!

Anyway I got the new Shonen Jump today and I heard about this on here, that they changed Zoro to Zolo in the manga too and I was like "No way! What's the point in that? If they are changing this just because little kiddies would be wanting to go and read Shonen Jump now because of One Piece, then why haven't they changed Shaman King now?"

and that question will always stand because I was shocked, they DID change Zoro to Zolo and they didn't even admit why??? Not only that, but they made that change to the One Piece manga but I flip over to Shaman King and all the character names are the same! Maybe I should give them a month or so no????

If manga isn't safe...... *sigh*

anyway, go here.....
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