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Idea for another part of Echoes of Amaris when I boot myself to get around to it....

I forgot what the title of it is but the one track that has the slow version of the instrumental that goes.....

da dadada dadada-dadada-dadada....da dadada.... etc

That inspired me to do this one scene in the next to last part of Echoes of Amaris (subtitled Ji'had!) where one of the true heroes of the saga, I'll probably use Prince Victor Steiner-Davion, confronts Warlord John Canales in a Mech on Mech duel and the Prince falls and the Mech is damaged enough to have problems getting up...and John comes closer....closer...CLOSER...and I'd write it in such a way that people would be going......

"Get up...Get up get up GET UP!!!"

*edit: found it*
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