Skrain Bodak (skrain_bodak) wrote,
Skrain Bodak

Just be glad you no longer have a dog (from a comment)

ever since we had to put Katie down, Dusty's one surviving (that we know of) offspring has been making rackets in the bathroom when we put her up in there when we leave for somewhere or overnight so there'd be no accidents in the house.

It's because she somehow "knew" and started to be lonely and afraid of going "to bed" and being alone in there.

So anyway the way she makes the racket is that she "knocks" the door by clawing at it in a certain way...first the edge of the carpet got messed up at the doorway...and then this evening, I didn't notice when I opened the door, I just went to let her out and opend the door and turned back b/c we just got back in time for me to set up the tape to get "What I Like About You" and watch "Enterprise"

So anyway later mom goes back to do soemthing and she notices a whole bunch of wood chips on the floor and she goes "OH MY GOD!!" and I went and saw that Ruthie had pawed the door so much that she made a giant hole halfway through the door! So we could possibly be paying for a new door...I swatted her HARD twice...the last time was because mom was wanting to go buy a pet taxi to put her in...and then when I asked how much to replace the door, she said "I don't know" which I read as "quite a lot" so I weent and swatted her HARD on the butt again and told Ruthie that I would NEVER forgive her!
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