Skrain Bodak (skrain_bodak) wrote,
Skrain Bodak

My mom even seems to think that I "don't know all the facts" and that I "choose not to listen" after me asking and getting confirmation that Tom Coburn is an incumbent congressman and therefore in my eyes....GUILTY by association of not giving enough state funding to organizations like Gatesway Foundation and that he and the others need to be voted out on the basis of screwing the disabled people over.

I don't give a rat's ass how good he is....and his good points are outweighed by the fact that he did screw over the disabled people...he screwed ME over!!! A few months before I "met" my ex-gf online, I was hand delivered that note saying that the transportation dept of Gatesway would no longer be able to provide lift service to me making it a little bit harder on me....

Screw me once, and that is enough to get me to screw you back! BIG TIME!

and if my mom got that Bush/Cheney + Coburn lawn sign from Trinity Lutheran, then it's about damn time I stop being Lutheran, jumping ship and silently saying a big FU to everyone at that church that ever dared to LIE to me saying that they care about me.

It's either the people in high places that screwed me over....or me...can't have both!

This goes for my family as well.

And my mom THINKS she knows it all? And then dares to mess with me saying that she don't and that there are times that she is wrong but then goes around saying that I'm blind and ignorant and spout off foolish talk and crap....

SHE'S THE CRAP!! SHE'S THE STUPID ONE!! Little miss went to college several years ago and never got even an associates degree thinks she's smarter than her son who is a credit year shy of earning his BBA.

My mom is the stupidest piece of dirt in the world....she doesn't have two nerve endings in her brain to rub together.
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