Skrain Bodak (skrain_bodak) wrote,
Skrain Bodak

" least I tried..." (plus a new board)

This isn't the anticipated reaction that a few of you already experienced already but something else...the other would come later...

Anyway today I just took a chance and went to Wings To Go. I wanted to take the Homicide Challenge. 30 wings soaked in "homicide" sauce and they had to be all ate in 15 minutes, no celery, no drink.

At first I seemed to go well since mom figured out (because it is simple math) that I'd need to eat two a minute to make it and I was doing that but eventually I started getting full and I was trying to make sure the meat was off the bones and stuff. When I had five minutes left, I could tell I wasn't gonna make it...eventually I had only 0.5-1 minute left so I just threw it. All I have to show for it was a full belly, a witness, and 9 remaining wings.

Anyway, a dear friend of mine started a new board....go take a look.
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