Skrain Bodak (skrain_bodak) wrote,
Skrain Bodak

special request.....


First off I need everyone to know that now that I'm able to, I have signed up to have a Pay Pal account and have had it for at least a week. They finally have a set up to where I could link it to my checking account.

Second, why I am saying this, is that a friend of mine is getting married in about a week...short notice...and that most of the objections from one particular person on me going to it is that of finances...that I would have to ask off of work for a few days to hop a Greyhound and get there and back.

So here I am, asking for donations use for bus fare to Portales, use when I get back to bolster short paychecks....whatever.

If anyone that doesn't have a Pay Pal could find the way to donate without signing up or anything then that would be appreciated to....

My email linked to the Pay Pal is (note that it is my hotmail address and not my juno one.)

(edit: eeek!! It appears one would need to sign up for Pay Pal to donate/loan)
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