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It's time it all came out.....

To those that have been frustrated about me....about how I'm not letting go of certain things recently....those that wonder about what I've touched on when I mention the evil I have done and how recent events have been "my punishment"....

This is all for you...this explanation...a snapshot of the history of how every and all versions of the KRML came to be.

This evil has to be put behind me and to an

I saw where I was no different now than I was for the past several years. It's time to let go of the evil....time to open my eyes that I've been shifting that evil to a new target for that was what the KRML was about.

To think it all started even 10 years ago....because I haven't even had the friends I do now helping me, trying to help me grow and help nurture my faith. Ten years ago up until June 6th I was involved with Nhu. During this time we had this friend we worked with named Tina Pennington. There was a period where Nhu broke up with me and Tina was trying to help me get back together with her. The last workshop dance that we all went to was in May of 94. Tina was trying to help me get Nhu to dance with me even though she's so afraid that she'd have a seizure or fall on her weak leg and had no faith that I would catch her.

Up until then and including then, I was starting to think that it wasn't best to be with Nhu, that she was too afraid to trust and take risks in any outside of her family. I then was getting more interested in Tina but she not only was one of many that thought Nhu and I were this "cute couple" but also she had these feelings for one of our supervisors Dr Lewis but of course couldn't act on it or say anything.

Your typical love square.

For some odd reason, the next month I didn't call Tina at all b/c I called her a lot and just talked. But a month later on Monday June 6th, when Pizza Hut gave me a day off, I woke up and read a little of "Gatsby" (at this time for the second time) and then went out and looked at the paper, went back in my room and read some more...then at 10:30....11? I went out and looked at the front page for anything interesting. Sometimes I'd see like a domestic dispute or a murder and read...anyway there was this article, forgot what the headline was but it was about a man that killed four people over that weekend.

I started reading and my eyes glanced over to the next column and happened on a name......

.....Tina Lashon Pennington.

I froze in ice and read the whole thing....just about shaking. My mom was on the phone to Puta so I wrote on her notepad, large, I need the phone, now!! and pointed to the article and so she got off.

I called the workshop number and got a hold of Dr Crawford who was the guy that took over the entire thing from the guy that was the best friend of my late shrink. He confirmed it. I was quite upset.

I didn't get to go to the funeral even though I heard that the entire workshop went because Tina was black and of course, my mom being of this strange philosophy that it's okay to be involved and marry someone of any other race than black (just because blacks were "different" and if a white marries a black and have kids, the kids would be "confused" as to who they are and there's "white people problems blacks can't understand and black people problems whites can't understand), she claimed that it "wouldn't be right" for me to go to her funeral because the black people wouldn't want a white person at one of their funerals.

Anyway I was in hell for an entire year....I even started delving into my Game Boy because I always used to talk to Tina about getting to the next part of whatever game and stuff. I wanted to "conquer" everything. Then came..."Battletech: the Animated Series." It was the first cartoon I ever saw that had any CGI in it. Yeah there was "Reboot" on at the time but then I wasn't too interested in that one.

That was my introduction to BT...and some time later, at one of Wizard's Asylum's many back issue sales, along with a bunch of back issue comics, I bought the basic boxed set. I thought that my mom saw the TV show (in passing but still...), that it's sci-fi and no magic, so it couldn't be satanic like D&D, and pretty much the rules were "pick and choose" so there could even be a way where there's no killing. Anyway she didn't see it because we had some kinda company when we got back home...she dropped me off because there was a very big crowd at the sale and came back for me....and I had it in a sack with the comics...when she saw it, I had it out.

She was a little upset that I got it but I told her it's science fiction and she has seen some of the series I am...
Anyway, how I thought up the KRML was I had chosen from the info I had at the time my favorite two factions but they were enemies so I thought "make a mercenary unit for when you play against someone...that way you could play on either side easy."

Then it went from that....a fandom....and a potentially fan club type something much more evil.

When I started to read about the Clans, I started incorporating some of their culture into my "unit" and then went on from there...I had already broken up with Nhu after hearing of Tina's murder...and here I was again, unattached and not understanding why I couldn't get anyone interested in me much less someone better than Nhu...someone less....cowardly....and also someone that would possibly give me children.

So I added on to the KRML culture....that I would want to the KRML of the future to take over mankind and make almost every male born without even the genetic possibility of being disabled (as in ALS which doesn't manifest until later in life) to have the severely handicapped women while guys like me would take the best women.

For two more years this was the only KRML culture. Then came Sunday, November 2, 1997.

That day became the actual start of what would be called the Eleven Hundred Year War...the official beginning of this War was on....

May 11, 1973.

A month previous, there was this meeting...forgot what night during the weekend it was on but I think it was Saturday night so to keep people from quitting Pizza Hut right there and then. There was this manager that everyone loved. She worked between the store I worked at and the one in Catoosa for quite a few years. I worked with her and her husband and even their daughter off and on the whole time I was there. They were involved with puppet ministry on the side. Anyway the night meeting was mandatory so I went and it was in the mom sat in a booth on the other side of the outjutting stump of a wall on the other side of the wall that separates the back area from the rest. Anyway the District Manager, Doug Cromwell, came out with Joyce and they had a cake...then came the announcement.

Joyce and Van were retiring and moving to GA to do their ministry.

Everyone was upset! I quickly turned my head to mom and mouthed the words "What the hell??????" because not only had we had trouble having my Sundays off, there was the question of getting my only raise that I got there back because I mysteriously lost it when the minimum wage went up one year. So we went to the new manager, Kevin (he was a delivery driver that Doug promoted over the driving supervisor Dan) and made sure that those things were taken care of and that he remembered that I was using the Gatesway lift.

Back to November 2....when I was clocking off, I asked Kevin at the desk about getting Sundays off for the "infinity+1"st time and he said "Just a second Al, I need to talk to you in a minute" so after a minute he took me out the drive-thru side door and briefly explained to me that because of "labor problems" that they had to let me go. I was upset and scared, I knew I was doing a great job there, thought the managers I had liked me, and I didn't know where I was gonna go because very summer, I'd get upset about getting my schedule jacked around that I go looking for jobs only to get as far as the interview and no I was panicking thinking that we'd run out of money and I'd have to drop out of school and I wouldn't have enough for Christmas and birthdays and stuff.

When I told mom when I got in the car, she shut off the engine and went in to ask about it and guess what?????

They stuttered, stammered, and then ADMITTED that they "singled me out for termination" and then used "labor problems," the reason they used every time when they cut and jacked around my hours, as the reason for laying me off.

The next week or so they hired someone else in my place.

Dan the delivery supervisor, my friend the whole time....came directly to our house soon after with behind the scenes stuff we never knew, and that he snuck out the ONLY evaluation I had from that place and photocopied it for our use in reporting them. He said that every manager I had, Doug would approach and at least try to bribe them to get rid of me because he didn't like disabled people working for him. He even tried to get the female managers to sleep with him! And he was married with two boys!

Anyway, When it happened that Joyce left, she cut some deal with Doug and Kevin to give me a month's chance so they just kept me for a month while intending to let me go anyway because Joyce's daughter was there and could tell anyway Dan also told us that Doug did successfully bribe Kevin with $100 bonus to get rid of me.

So ever since then, everything changed. All my ambition up until Sheila was not only be the first disabled guy to marry a "normal" gal and have kids but also to continue my bloodline so that in the future, when the Geneva Accords do not matter as much anymore, we'd strike back and take over and take 98.5% of all men born without a disability and do to them what Hitler did to the Jews.

All because of what two "normal" men did to me.

And now I've been punished for that evil....I have to learn that lesson continually now.
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