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Harry Turtledove WWI/WWII USA -vs- CSA speculations

boy there is some fascinating speculations regarding the next trilogy in the "What if the Confederacy survived?" Alternate Timeline (ATL) on the Turtledove list. This ATL is about to enter it's version of World War 2 where, because of the existance of the CSA, the USA sided with Kaiser led Germany the rest of the Triple Alliance, while the CSA sided with what in our timeline was the Triple Detente to form the Quadruple Detente.

By WWII, the differences were that the Russians had their Revolution, as well as Southern blacks, all Communist revolutions failed so Russia is still Tsarist. USA/Germany/and others alliance won WWI so Germany still is under Kaiser rule. Then another major difference is that though the Depression happened in a different way, and that Germany didn't suffer not even a defeat (feeding the flames of Hitler)....the same thing that started WWII happened in quite a different country altogether.

That country was in this ATL.......the Confederate States of America.

In the Great War trilogy there was this artilery seargent in the First Richmond Howitzers. In this one battle against the US while the black Commies were revolting, the seargeant was like trying to prove that his commander's servant was a Red and the commander was kinda loopy too. Anyway their position was being overrun and the officer told the sergeant to hold his ground but the sergeant knew they had to retreat....

So the sergeant had enough and turned and shot the officer because he was a threat to the integrety of the unit....

The officer's name...was Jeb Stewart III. His dad Jeb Stewart Jr was a part of the War Department back in Richmond and so just because his son was shot dead, JS II prevented this guy from EVER getting a promotion. In the end when the blacks were allowed into the army as a desparate measure and to keep them from revolting again, this sergeant finally started to break....

His name was Jeff Featherston and in the next trilogy, American Empire, he got his revenge on the War Dept by getting himself elected President of the CSA....and leading this new political party called the Freedom Party.

His goal? To rid the CSA of all those that he felt "stabbed the country in the back"....the blacks.

So in the upcoming trilogy, Settling Accounts is when the ATL WWII happens, and he starts the war.

And there's speculation as to which city gets nuked in this ATL and where the atomic bomb would be developed since in this TL, it's CSA and not Germany that becomes Nazi.

> there is no way Richmond is a target. Richmond is not a target for
the same
> reasons tokyo wasn't. It's a national capitol and no one wants to
set a
> precident in war for destroying the other nation's capitol and
Montgomery, Huston, Brimingham and Charleston *to name a few*
> are good targets. The object of the atomic weapons of World War II
are to
> end the war, not destroy the Featherston government, no matter how
much we
> all hate it becuase we associate it with the Third Reich. The
> will fall with the series's verson of the Nuremburg trials and
> will probably never be taken alive.

Not Houston--it was part of the USA until very recently, when Smith
allowed a plebiscite that was sure to go CSA. City undoubtedly
still has some USA sympathizers, spies, saboteurs, etc. I wonder if
the Stagg Field experiments would be done in Chicago (does this TL
have a Stagg Field?), with the CSA army reasonably nearby, meaning
airfields with bombers. Maybe Mile High Stadium experiments? :)
One feature that might slow things a bit--much of the initial work
was done by refugees from Germany OTL. With Germany basically
unchanged from pre-WW1, and a USA ally, no Meitner, Wigner, Teller,
or even Fermi. Are Oppenheimer, Dunning, etc going to be successful
as quickly?

I think it's important to remember why the US pursued Atomic weapons
in WWII. It was not just a weapon to end the war. The main reason
Einstein sent his famous letter to Roosevelt was he was afraid
Hitler would get the bomb and use it against the Allies. Since the
first atomic experiments were in OTL were in Germany and by
Occupying Norway they had access to mass quantities of heavy water
at Norsk, there was good reason to think that Hitler could get the
bomb by '45. Now, in OTL the Scientists failed to create a chain
reaction (and probably saved them from making a large section of
Germany radioactive ala World War Tilting the Balance). Commando
raids on Norsk put it out of operation for a while in 1944. That
bought time for the Allies to win the war conventionally before they
had the trinity test.

Remember that both Nazi Germany and Freedom CSA are both run by one
guy. Remove him and the whole body falls to pieces. The USA has
lost its President. The CSA attacked without a declaration of war.
If you were Charlie LaFollette, wouldn't you go after Featherston?

While I agree that blowing up the Capitol city sets a bad precedent,
it is important to remember that the Kaiser might get the bomb first
and I doubt that his government would waste much time sweating over
whether to blow up St Petersburg, London or Paris.

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