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Going deeper......

Other than tying up a few loose ends like the recent "Opinion Meme" (which is still open to comment here and I have a few more already to do) and email (would check less than often)....

I would do a better job of executing Operation Cocoon. Some things are just not fair...time to just....not let them exist for a while.


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Nov. 27th, 2004 07:54 pm (UTC)
Cocoon Project...
Even after all the kindness, thoughts of the coccoon project linger. That is truly unfortunate. For so many blessings have been revealed unto you, yet these are only things you desire to push aside?

You are better than that.

Though still it would appear that your eyes as well as mind, and heart are blind to the truth...you are a smart person who cares deeply for those who happen to get close. Sometimes it could be very easily be said that others needs are put before your own. Also that you are fairly compassionate and rather supportive. A treasured friend...a real treasure, one of which some, if not many would not like to lose. At least know that despite our differences, I would not wish to.
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