Skrain Bodak (skrain_bodak) wrote,
Skrain Bodak

shiranami, smalltownhero, littlesue1971, and lovexisxaxgun

in that order....

-- Yoruame, you're intelligent, intriguing, strong but in so much pain and torment at times. Trust me that you need great friends and to listen to them for you need good people to help you through this rough life of yours and to strengthen your faith because you need that as well. Although you don't see it right now, you are important and you would and can be a great influence on a lot of people and could teach them a lot sinc eyou have a lot of years ahead of you....take care of yourself.

-- Jessica (wait, I think I have more than one Jessica on here....yea I do....ummm...yeah maybe "blondie Jess" would do so far??) anyway... You're entirely fun loving and interesting...adventurous and caring. You care a lot for people, which is a plus and apparent since you do work in one of those 911 centers and share stories about how your heart goes out to all those that are really in pain. You are very sharing in your experiences and you do love all your friends as well. A "show and tell" person with enough heart for everyone and 200% to share.

-- Sue...or at least I assume that's your name..?: You're a strong, affectionate, caring, sweet friend/wife/mother/person (being attractive doesn't hurt either). The depth of you as a person shows quite a lot and just happy that you're a friend.

-- Leah: don't know much about you so far are indeed caring and I'm not sure if you're gonna be surprised when you see this but we do share something similar that I'm reminded of going through your journal....that we both have problems with cutting or thoughts of cutting...though in my case, sometimes the thoughts turn to something "worse than cutting" that if I actually carried it out, the line beyond which there is no returning is quite much thinner than the "cutting line of no return"...

...astronomically thinner....and it involves a dark colored powder if you know what I mean....

However you recognize that you need do I...and you're a bigger person because of it, and a bigger person because of your faith.
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