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I hate all of this....

and this is THE last time I let my mom squat the damned TV alll *&^%-ing evening! Next time from now on she even DREAMS of trying I'm yanking that damned remote I don't care if she's my malfing mother.

I didn't really pay attention to Thursday's Days and Passions on this one tape so I stayed up late on Friday after getting Gundam Seed and the new dot Hack on tape for nephew. So after I had two hours worth of tape space on that one particular tape...last evening I was planning it out that I'd get Titans if it wasn't a repeat (it was) so I got Justice League at the very beginning and stayed on the net while my mom was out...

I should have not stayed on...

because she came back and went straight to the TV and stayed on ALL MALFING EVENING! so I was waiting waiting waiting waiting on her to get her butt off the TV so I can have it and had to go ahead and tape Yu Yu Hakusho so I won't miss it for the second straight week. So that took out an entire hour...and I was planning on watching it before GITS and FMA came on so I can get them...since I know from memory that it came on while my sister was in a place to see it come on and she made my nephew turn it off of it, so I know from memory that my sister really doesn't want my nephew to watch YYH.

so I was planning on watching it so I can tape over it. but that didn't happen because mom stayed on the TV on purpose because I was muttering "One more half hour...." or "When this program ends, then I'll take over the TV." So that by the time GITS came on...she was on the way to bed anyway...but when it came on, was when I knew I had to turn it to the VCR and stop it to advance the tape past Gundam Seed and dot Hack to tape GITS.....

(did I confuse you yet?)

So anyway today, we were all planning on going to Albertson's and take advantage of the buy one and get one free whole chickens and I don't trust the self checkouts because the only time I used Albertson's ones...the change machine jammed on me and I had to wait until help arrived because I didn't know what was happening and he had to open it and jiggle the bin around for me to get it.

Anyway I was waiting in a line out of two that I feel are equally long...(aren't they all? With the extinction of the cash only lines??)...and this damned lady had a big cart of crap and wanted to make them into three separate tickets and was telling the cashier on certain things "No I didn't want that on this ticket, I want it on the other ticket..." and it was because of that.....*censored*...that we came home to find sister already beat us and Alex had it on Cartoon Network.

So I asked him if he wanted to see Justice League and he said yes but only after the end of Ninja Turtles...so the end came while he was describing their trip to OKC....and Osmosis Jones came on...


If things go in threes then what's the third malfing thing???? Huh?????

I don't even know if I would have enough tape to get my soaps.

edit: I can't even count how many times he has watched that damned movie and he wants to watch it AGAIN???? Malfing kids can't understand them at all....tape shows that I know they think are cool and they come and I have them watch them and what do they say before too long? Especially Alex? "I'm bored, put it on Cartoon Network"



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Dec. 12th, 2004 02:26 pm (UTC)
"(did I confuse you yet?)"
YES! You confused me on the very first sentence

THE last time I let my mom squat the damned TV
squat the tv?

*walks away silently*
Dec. 12th, 2004 05:57 pm (UTC)
Well have you heard of the phrase "squatter's rights"?
Squat/squatting in this context means picking an area and staying there for a long time. Sometimes when you stay at a place or do something at a place long enough you get "squatter's rights" which means no one could boot you off.

Squatting is originally meant for example like the homeless people when they pick an area in an alley to sleep or an unoccupied/abandoned house to be in for the night. It would be understood by others that no one would sleep there as well.

I just use that term for when mom takes the opportunity to grab the remote first and turns it to whatever she wants to watch and just stays out there for God knows how long no matter what I do.

I'm also way to proud to ask her for use of the TV that I paid for...in our non-heated chat before she went to sleep she told me that that argument won't fly about not asking her for the use of my TV because this of course is her house...so she kinda won there. Also she sees no problem herself for asking me for her to get on the computer even though it's half hers.
Dec. 12th, 2004 05:38 pm (UTC)
easy...easy....how old is your nephew?
Dec. 12th, 2004 06:20 pm (UTC)
He's nine.

He's just old enough to manipulate popular opinion and spin things. Like I've known for years that he loves the giant robots, superheroes, cop show, magical-whatever, and "fighting monsters and action inside a computer game" type shows as well as the shows that kids his age think are cool like the Dragonball and the Samurai Jack....

But yet he doesn't have cable and doesn't seem to appreciate that I'm doing a favor for him and I only have so much tape (God I wish I could have a TiVo for Christmas! That way I can use THAT to tape the soaps!)....

So I don't see why he is "sooooo bored" when catching up on tape??

Then sometimes he has the balls to ask me to tape so and so show and I am tempted to say "Look I tape shows that I know you would like and we're in the middle of them. We have only so much tape, and yet you want me to tape one episode of this other show just because you wanna see it?"

It's usually of some drek made here in the States too. Like Ed, Edd and Eddy.

The stuff that comes from a certain island chain on the other side of the Pacific, or looks like they do, now THAT'S art....

btw, the "spin" thing that he does that I mentioned....a year or so it started happening. I forgot how it started but it did cool down a bit...and started up recently. For some reason my mom and sister got it in their heads that on occasion it seems like I'm pressuring Alex to watch (ie: kinda being a bully) so whenever Alex wants to watch CN instead of being like he theoretically should and be like "Oh yeah! Superheroes, Goku, etc, how cool!!!"....if I beat him to the remote and hit play and have it playing through a few shows, he'd say he'd want it on CN and then if I don't do as he asks, he'd go tell on me and they'd get on my case for "forcing" him to watch something.

Or if he beats me like today...he'd pull a variation of what happened today..he'd be in the middle of watching something and I'd have to wait until it's finished, then either in a midshow commercial or at the end, when the channel shows what's coming on next he would go "OOOOHHH I WANNA WATCH THAT NEXT." and sometimes it just goes on and on and on and on! midshow, "oooh I wanna watch that next," midshow, "ooh I wanna watch that next," etc, etc, etc.

I swear that when the end of Dragonball GT, Inuyasha, Gundam Seed, the new dot Hack, FMA, and GITS comes, I'll definately be cheering because this time I have learned my lesson...I will not do this again. I'll stop taping shows that I know he would love...and just stick with Titans and JLU.
Dec. 12th, 2004 10:53 pm (UTC)
at age nine, kids don't know their asses from holes in the ground, much less do they know when someone is doing a favor for them. Be the bigger person. You can't expect him to act like you.
Dec. 12th, 2004 07:49 pm (UTC)
!Pobrecito! *glomps you* I feel your pain!!!!!--but instead of one nine-year-old nephew it's 2 brothers--one thirteen and the other 11--and 2 male cousins--one 7 and the other 11.
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