Skrain Bodak (skrain_bodak) wrote,
Skrain Bodak

*snorts* Unbelievable....

Well for some reason I have been missing a lot of this round of the Amazing Race especially since it was practically on the heels of last "season" for me. Anyway I've just started trying harder to catch it, missed it tonight but when I went to catch up on the website tonight...I notice...

There's no team I want to bother rooting for anymore anyway...all the ones that I would like to root for have been eliminated! *disgusted snort*

There's no team that stands out to me...there's too many "plain vanilla" couples. All that's left are m/f couples, the "carbon copy" father/daughter, husband/wife, former couple, etc.....with either white or black.....(I have yet to see anyone on AR that's Asian).

So the ones that I would have been rooting for in the beginning? This season they are of course the all women couples since they never win either.

Both All Women couples are already eliminated so I'm disappointed.

So why malfing bother trying to catch the rest of it? *snorts* so totally disgusting.

This is not only the first season of any of those shows that I have missed so much but also the first season of any of those where all my favorites would be shot down so early and of course because of tradition, I'd be missing out of a huge slice of the season since because of the favorites going, I would stop watching the rest of the season.
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