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Why is it????

Why is it that there are overprotective parents out there? I have a friend who I definitely know her dad is justified to an extyent in being overprotective but gees.... I think the one reason I can realate is that 1) I can't stand having someone so beautiful make out witht anyother guy but me first and 2) I can't stand it that here I am 28 years old and I never made out with anyone at all yet.... and dam it I'm so f-ing drunk that I just spotted a few typos and I don't give a shit about correcting them.... I mean what the "f" am I supposed to believe when she said in the email that she lied to her dad about being at work on the "f-ing" 12th but she spent the day w/ her stupid bf and ended it all with being caught by the pigs kissing in his car!!! Hello!! I'm not THAT dumb to not realize that she was actually making out with him, geez, just because I'm a f**king retard doesn't mean I don't know "make out" when I read it between the lines!!

geez geeez geez../..and she had to tell her dad anyway because he didn't see the pigs take her home but he was at her work when she was at home so he at least knows that she lied to him...and she's thinking with her stupid bf about moving to Michigan or wherefer the "f" her mom lives....

f-ing divorced parents.....


no wonder why I'm so farking drunk
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