July 8th, 2001

Lancea Sanctum


I'm wondering if anyone knew where I could find a download of any form of electronic copies of the Mercenary Contract Worksheet for Battletech as printed in the back of the Mercenaries Field Manual? I wouldn't want to crease the spine or anything by Xeroxing the original in the book out even once to use the copy to make more copies. Does that make sense?

Anyway I was trying to search for a site that has such download and I came across a rather extensive site....

Anyone that has Real Player 7 or above interested in seeing these? Of course originally set they are shown on ridiculously small screens but if you right click on the screen and zoom to at least medium zoom, it would be okay....all clips are a little dark no matter which zoom you use and if you go full screen you lose 64-80% resolution...

Clan Wolf Victory

Clan Battle

Mercenary Battle (KICK ASS)

Battle of Tukayyid

Clan Jade Falcon Hall

Ghost Bear Attack (ANOTHER KICK ASS ONE -- Smoke Jaguar recon patrol attacked by Ghost Bear mech)

Dropship Escape
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    Quote from merc clip: "There's not enough room in Hell for your sorry carcass." "Look on the bright side, kid...at least you get ALL the money!!"