September 10th, 2002

Lancea Sanctum

sorry I was away for a week...

my keyboard messed up and I didn't have time to go through all the trouble working around it...anyway, something to share, very troubling. It's from my other blog that's written in poetic form so try to interpret it at your fact I insist....

Oh, btw, it's in decending order, most recent "verse" on top....each "verse" summarizes a week.

Knives flash!!
Watch your six!
Dear one, nothing to worry
(Yeah right, yeah right!!)
Labor problems seem more extreme,
First time ever
The Great One has such a staggered schedule
Since the days of
EVIL Heinze and MORE EVIL Cromwell:
The most evil, cruel, sadistic,
Scummy Normbirths to ever exist!!!
While new people replace old guard,
One returns from fighting...
Another has a second mouth to feed...
Single moms are TOO DANGEROUS!!
She in turn uses her own offspring
As her own weapon to get more hours for herself.
They say, "She has another mouth to feed.
He has monthly benefits from the government.
He can take the gradual hour cut.
He can even survive without a job!
She can't!!"
And in turn seals the Great One's fate.
The KRML.....
Is LOST....!!

The Historie: Passage 30, Stanza 5, Verse 1

New people bring death, new people bring death!!
Remodelling and new people bring death!
Cosmetic surgery matches up with a puzzling
Internal surgery. We hire but at the same time have
Labor concerns, for First Time, the Great One
Does not have consistent "cross the board"
Clock off time, and then as further shock!!
He was let off massively early!
Everyone is out to get us
Everyone is out to get us
Even when they are not!!
Remember, don't make your wingman vexed...
WATCH YOUR SIX.....WATCH YOUR SIX!!!! <-------(last two lines to the tune of "White Rabbit")

The Historie: Passage 30, Stanza 4, Verse 5

The breakdown of tech happens again!
Money becomes the death of the system
Crippling a House.
All panic as the support torture begins anew.
But wait! Next day, we learn of new policy
We can keep our data to present and have
New techs to trust, but only so far.
System up two days later but some loss is intended
But not really lost.
Sacrificed for more space.
We learn more each time.
This time the most.
Monthly meetings become standard
For a CEO's excersize in Obcessive Compulsion.
It might be an irritation now and appear obcessive,
But it might be the death of a Great One.

The Historie: Passage 30, Stanza 4, Verse 4

The number drops further
As, for an equal odd reason, the nasty
Collective monster slinks back to hibernation.
What is next? What is the next shoe to fall?
Is Fate through teaching me a lesson?
Is it enought to show me that I am just a
Lowly human? That I cannot control Fate?
No...I think it is starting to be my time,
The demons of this world return,
The EVIL Normbirths know!! Especially when
I have told them about the mistreatment....jealous of
The supposed better treatment at present, forces at
Bay shift, to torment me to lose my temper.
That not happening, the winds of time shift to
Something more sinister, while the school starts anew.
The most sinister thing in the world,
What the Great One fears most,
The thing that will very well bring his slow lingering death
Unless he takes his own life if it happens!!

The Historie: Passage 30, Stanza 4, Verse 3

Fun and free food!
Distant relatives' birthday gift
To the Great One's mother
After a visit to a park, while she works.
No chance for business, no chance for any opportunities.
The meet was made,
Information traded,
And then it was back to work
While the CLI statistic dropped....
Paranoia started in again.
"What will happen if it gets too high and stays?"
"What will happen if it drops too low?"
"What will happen if it stays in the middle
But still doesn't reach the goal??"
Some answers given
But still a lot unanswered.

The Historie: Passage 30, Stanza 4, Verse 2

New house
Troubling times.
The war at the moment still going on.
Something distant in the air;
What is for a while at once extreme,
The Universe slams to the other extreme!
Nervous jabs at the overworrying
Of puzzling vocational statistics
Prove to be more dire.
The preparations are made
For the arrival of the Great One's Great Aunt.
Eventually, plans once made are nixed
And tempers briefly flared
At her abrupt sharp and short stay.
Other arrangements made and fun still to be had.

The Historie: Passage 30, Stanza 4, Verse 1
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Lancea Sanctum

Things are a little better....

Well with Ryan's transfer to another location, we have yet another guy that doesn't know how to read my handwriting... Yes, I have bad handwriting but still, most people can usually read my handwriting which surprises me that there are people that never seem to bother to make the effort. Anyway we can just see what would come of me regaining my Thursday hours.

I still say that Jessica is out to get me, and her little kid too!!!

Just like everyone else!
Lancea Sanctum

back on Realms for a little bit....

I know I should be 1) posting to the Seventh Order list (since I've been keep from posting for a week or so) and 2) studying for the first test (even though it's open book...all of them all) but I think I should spend just a few minutes on Realms... ;-)
Lancea Sanctum

9/11 being overdone...

What do you all think about 9/11 being way to overdone on the first anniversary? Up until now it's been moderately mild with all the "Oh woe is us, let's be partriotic, show our flags and stuff and mourn our dead for all eternity"

but now we're still supposed to put our lives on hold and do a lot of crapola to remember 9/11?? Why don't we and haven't we sung the freaking "Star Spangled Banner" 1 Gazillion times when Pearl Harbor and OKC happened and all the anniversaries since then?

This isn't freaking Thanksgiving or malfing New Year or damned Christmas but yet we're expected at least this year to have baseball games do a variation of commemorations, as well as other social and sporting events, TV as usual being put on hold so there would be TONS of 9/11 crap!! and if this is supposed to be the norm on anniversaries, then what's next?? mail not run on 9/11? 9/11 being a federal holiday?

HEAVEN FORBID!! The mutual proximity of Christmas and New Year is BAD ENOUGH!! Now I am faced with another such one-two combo? If the govt morons do decide on a new federal holiday, then the best I can do to cope is just have mom ixnay my sister each and every year on breakfast out!! and make pretty damned sure that our car doesn't break down!! because I AM NOT going to ask off for BOTH Labor Day and freaking, stinking, overdone 9/11!!