November 7th, 2002

Lancea Sanctum

lots of changes...

well only little tiny ones done over time...Yahoo is still changing little by little and I just now got word that one little trivial link has changed into a button just a few minutes ago.... Going to check it out in my groups now. Also going to vote in a poll on one list I'm a part of.

I joined a micronation last month called Nova Roma which is founded along the lines of restoring the best of what Ancient Rome had to offer. I don't know if I actually mentioned this in the last post or not since I haven't been back to my LJ since trying to "off and on" post until I get that "Trading Card" post off the most recent postings.

Anyway there's been some real nasty debates about which religion is the best since the constitution allows for some modernisation of the restoration of our state based on Ancient Rome (ie: freedom of religion even though our State Religion is the Religio Romana or Roman Paganism) and there's been a post today from one of the politicians that seemed slanderous at least in subject line and then in the body of the message said that if anyone wanted to know why this person really left her citizenship, go to [this group] which was disclaimed as a "no holds barred group" with a lot of backbiting arguing and cussing. Then later posts were like from some that were wanting to perform online trials according to the Constitution and laws of Nova Roma and others were wanting to wait and see because the message could have been from an imposter that tried to smear the two people and start trouble on list. One guy even said that the one guy in question is friends with the person possibly being slandered and only meant it in fun if it was really him doing it.

So the poll is about asking how should proof be given to Nova Roma of new applicants to cut down on impostor trolls...and the guy that started the poll is using the poll as the basis of a new Lex (law).

Oh well off to the polling...
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Welll got it done...

and while doing the reports I'm having to suffer another bout of modem droppings... It pisses me off that recently whenever I log on the net I get drop drop drop drop drop drop drop and don't know if it's just me or if it does to my mom as well and what's causing it.
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Oh Well...

going to watch my other soap opera now...after checking to see if this current posting would get the "trading card post" off the recent postings...
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Waiting for this week's Survivor summary to post...

This ticks me off...first I was told that I might not have taped all of "Passions" because of the sudden Presidential speech...wish the morons would give ADVANCE WARNING on doing that shit....and then I get home to check and see that the speech was the entire hour...that I had no control over since I was at work and didn't know they were going to do that and had the VCR set to tape "Passions" after "Days of our Lives"

But then I taped "Survivor" tonight and wasn't going to watch it because my niece and nephew were over and I was playing Scrabble with the nephew until he got in trouble and I thought that he was going to have to stay in the guest bedroom so I started Survivor but he came back out and wanted to play one of my old games so I did and I stopped it.... 45 minutes later I go to watch "Survivor" and saw that somehow I must have bumped the record button!!!!! So not only was I GIPPED out of "Passions" I was gipped BY MYSELF out of Survivor!! I hate this!!

By God there better not be any Broken Arrow Public Schools, Tulsa Public Schools, Union Public Schools, Skiatook, Stillwater, etc, etc, etc busses showing up at my work tomorrow or I'm going to have a VERY PISSY WEEKEND AND I SHOW NO MERCY TO NO ONE!!